Mid West Seed Company Event – Feb 4, 2020

Tom Carbonell had scheduled an event for the Mid West Seed Company which is owned by one of our new members, Dan Funk. We had left the decorations from the Mayor’s Tournament so our club house looked beautiful. Dan and Friends began arriving around 3:30. We need to thank all of our volunteers for coming to give lessons and keep score for this event: Tom Carbonell, Betty Buccini, Johnnie Connors, Bonnie Radke, Cathy Kennedy, Mike and Karen Beall, Mike Darling, Zak Wonson, Allen and Joan Best and Joe and Kathleen Kasben.

They brought trophies for the winners.  Ninety (90) people registered for the challenge so we had 45 teams of people having a great time.  There were players on each end of all twenty courts and plenty of spectators on the side with the volunteers traveling back and forth giving lessons and coaching the teams.  Tom collected the winners names.

Doug Goodman and Dan Funk

Champion Funseekers Shuffleboard Tournament Team 24 Won with 235 points


They have a very interesting website and story.  Mid West Seed Company

Pictures From the Event

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