Results from ND # 25 Any Draw in Deland – Feb 6/7, 2020

I have the results from the Northern District Any Draw Tournament in Deland held Feb 6/7, 2020. Thursday was a very beautiful morning and Friday was very cold. Deland had the courts in great shape and the coffee and donuts ready. We had Thirty-Eight (38) people sign up to shuffle and therefore, Nineteen (19) teams. We played frame games and Mary Ann Pabst was our tournament director. Deland was our tournament sponsor. Congratulations to all the participants especially those declared Coronado/Mainland Shufflers.  The winners were:

1st,  Ron Carr  5519    Hawthorne
1st,  Rod Lewis   6630   Mid Florida Lakes
2nd,  Dennis Buelk   3038   Coronado/Mainland
2nd,  Jan Dally   7258    Deland
3rd,   Rex Galusha   6069   Coronado/Mainland
3rd,   Richard Enright    4886    Tavares
4th,   Bonnie Goetzinger   6410    Hawthorne
4th,   David Nitchie    6553    Lake Point

1st,  Richard Burrell  280   Deland
1st,  Randy Radke    6351   Coronado/Mainland
2nd,  John Giumarra   4523    Deland
2nd,   Irene  Wheeler    5684    Deland
3rd,   Debbie Evans    6866   Coronado/Mainland
3rd,   Paul Hodges    6847    Leesburg
4th,   George Snyder   5294    Clermont
4th,   Zak Wonson    6639   Coronado/Mainland


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