Monthly Tournament Results for April 2021

Today was absolutely beautiful with a slight wind and plenty of sunshine after a questionable week.  Zak called us all together to announce the winners from the March/April Month long Tournament.  He also announced that we would have a meeting of people interested in Intercity Tournament play in the Fall following our play today.  This month our tournament will be three games with a Mulligan in each game for each player.  He began with congratulations to all of our players:

First were the winners from our Amateur Players
1st Place:   Dick Wood with 6.25 points
2nd Place:  Paul Fortier with 4.75 points
3rd Place:  Sue Ann Comeau with 3.75 points.

Next were the winners from our Tournament players.
1st Place:  WAS A TIE – Bonnie Radke and Zak Wonson with 8 points each.
2nd Place:  Dennis Buelk with 6.5 points
3rd Place:  Stan Williamson with 6.25 points

Dennis, Bonnie and Zak (Stan is missing)

Sue Ann and Dick (Paul is missing)

Amateur Tournament Numbers   Amateurs
Tournament Player Numbers   Tournament

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Hosting the CM Shuffleboard Park

Our club is now Hosting the New Smyrna Park where we have our CMS Shuffleboard courts.  Please, every time you see trash, help by picking it up and placing it in the nearby trash barrels.  We want to keep our park looking beautiful.  Thanks for your help in keeping New Smyrna Beach and our park beautiful.

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Monthly Friday Tournament Results – March 26, 2021

This tournament was called a Mulligan, because you were allowed to take one shot per person per game over again. It made it really interesting, especially when you remembered to use it. We had some really good results and lots of people seem to be enjoying the challenge.   Here are the results of the tournament from Feb. 26th to March 19th.

Tournament winners:
First, Zak Wonson; Second, Stan Williamson; Third, Charlie Jones

Recreational winnersFirst, Marguerite Fortier; Tie for Second, Bob Stock and Bill Van Note; Tie for Third, Jane Tager and Dick Wood

Stan, Zak and Charlie

Marguerite, Jane, Bill and Dick (Bob Stock is missing)


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Problems with the Bridge, March 16, 2021

I wanted to give our members who travel over the North Causeway bridge a heads up. It might be a good idea to come by way of the South Bridge until further notice.  Please try to arrive early, when you come right at playtime it is hard on the hosts who have to set up not only the chips, but the courts and the discs.  Thanks for your consideration.


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Another Interesting Shuffleboard Video – March 3, 2021

Jack sent me another interesting shuffleboard video from the Royal Palms in Chicago. If you have time to watch, you might learn a thing or two.

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Profile of Stan Williamson – March 1, 2021

An interesting article about Stan Williamson was sent to me. Stan is a member of the State Hall of Fame  and a welcome member of our club. Watching him play is a lesson in possibilities. There is a portion of the article written by Earl Ball, another of the all time greats in shuffleboard.

Stan Williamson

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An Interesting Video from St. Petersburg – March 1 2021

Jack sent me an interesting video of the Amateur Canadian American 2020 Shuffleboard Championship. It takes place in St. Petersburg. It is a bit long, but interesting. Enjoy.

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An Interesting Article From The Preview – Feb 26, 2021

I found this article in the Preview (which is now for sale for $3) and it is about something a lot of us forget. Thought you might enjoy.  We sometimes forget how important our Hammer is!  Click on image to enlarge.

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H2 Health Sponsored CMS Club Championship Tournament – 2/24/21

We had a beautiful day for the finals of the H2 Health Sponsored CMS Club Championship Tournament. Three different skill Divisions each competed for their respective #1 position trophies. We would like to thank H2 Health for our lovely trophies. Zak and Cindy Wonson worked very hard to make our past several months of Covid 19 quarantine shuffleboard play safe, competitive and exciting.   We had coffee and donuts for the participants and spectators.   Thanks to everyone who came to cheer the participants on to victory. Zak promises more to come of these well attended shuffleboard challenges. Ciao!

Division 1   Dennis Buelk and Charlie Jones—–Dennis won the Over All Trophy.
Division 2   Stan Williamson and Randy Radke —-Stan won his Division 2
Division 3    Sue Ann Comeau and Jane Tager —–Sue Ann won her Division 3

The Challengers

The Winners

Zak and the Spectators

The Trophies



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H2 Health sponsored Club Championship – Feb 20, 2021

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who played in our first Club Championship sponsored by H2Health. The finals for all three divisions will be played on Wednesday at 9:30 am. The pairings are listed in the PDF below. I hope that a lot of you will come out and watch some good shuffleboard. We will be serving coffee and donuts! The first food offering in almost a year.

We plan to make this a yearly event. I was very happy to see so many new shufflers get involved in competitive play. Next year we hope to see more as we get new members and we continue to offer playing lessons. Professor Jerry and I plan to continue as long as we have customers.

See you on Wednesday.


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