CMS Club Hosts Northern District Tournaments

The Coronado Mainland Shuffleboard Club hosted the two Northern District Tournaments Dec 2nd and Dec 3rd. (ND 12) Pro Only Doubles with 12 teams and (ND 13) Amateur Doubles with 11 teams.  Thank you to our Volunteers who help make the tournaments possible.  Cindy and Zak Wonson, Jerry and Arlene Jabaut, Dennis Buelk, Barb and John Fortini helped set up the courts, and got the coffee and donuts.  Thank you to Jack Koppleman, Ann Rader, Barb Fortini, Marilyn Svoma, Bill Van Note and Sue Ann Comeau who helped us through-out the day with discs and beading.  Congratulations to all the players, especially those who are designated CMS shufflers.

Sponsors:   H2Health, Springhill Suites, Susan McLain, Realtor, Davis Bros, Todd Perry Insurance, G&W Roofing, Bishop’s Auto Body, State Farm, Anders & Anders, and CMShuffleboard Club. 


  1.  Charlie Jones – Rex Galusha……….Coronado/Mainland
  2.   Paul Hodges…… Leesburg – Rod Lewis…..Mid Florida Lakes
  3.  John Giumarra – Richie Burrell…………………… Deland
  4.  Jerry Jabaut.…..Coronado/Mainland – Joseph Inga…… Deland


  1.   Randy Radke – Zak Wonson…………. Coronado/Mainland
  2.   Christine Giumarra……..Deland –  Patty Foster………Tavares
  3.   Arlene Jabaut……. Coronado/Mainland – Chris Inga……..Deland
  4.   Stan Williamson…….Coronado/Mainland  –  Walt Bartels……Deland


  1.   Cindy Wonson – Debbie Evans…………. Coronado/Mainland
  2.   Janet Shira – Tom Grubb……….Coronado/Mainland
  3.   Tom Brown – Don Velcio……..Leesburg
  4.   Loretta Cantalupo – Tim Pergrem………Coronado/Mainland


  1.   Phyllis Sokol-Wood – Chuck Wood………..Leesburg
  2.   Anne Ferguson – Bob Augusto…………..Coronado/Mainland
  3.   Brad Simons………..Deland  –  Jerry Barr……….Ormond Beach
  4.   Rick Allen – Jr. Winn………….Mid Florida Lakes

Tournament Director: Bonnie Radke

Rex, Charlie, Rod, Paul – Pros

Zak, Randy, Patty, Christine – Pros

Debbie, Cindy, Tom, Janet – Ams

Chuck, Phyllis, Anne, Bob – Ams

More Pictures from the Tournament

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Singles Mingles Results from Dec 1st

I was unable to attend the Singles Mingles this week so Arlene was nice enough to take the pictures and send the report. Thanks for your help.

Pros:  1st Deb Evans, 2nd Jerry Jabaut  and 3rd Dennis Buelk

Ams/State Ams:  1st Tim Pergrem, 2nd Tom Grubb and  3rd  Loretta Cantelupo.

Pros, Dennis, Debbie, and Jerry

Amateur/State Amateurs: Tom, Loretta and Tim

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Pro Only Doubles Tournament ND12 and Any Am Doubles Tournament ND 13 – Dec 2 at Coronado Mainland.

Pro Only Doubles Tournament ND12 and Any Am Doubles Tournament ND 13 are scheduled for Dec 2 at Coronado Mainland.

Pre-Registration will be done by email and is open from Noon Sunday, Nov 28th until 5 PM Tuesday, Nov 30th. A minimum of 8 teams need to be pre-registered. If either tournament doesn’t have at least 8 teams pre-registered, that tournament will be cancelled.

The pre-registration email is
Please list each player, which Tournament, and a contact phone number. 

Once pre-registration begins, look to this space for a list of teams that have pre-registered.

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The Winners From ND 11

I was wondering why we didn’t have a picture of the winners. I guess it was an Internet glitch.

Main 1st Charlie and Zak
2nd Cindy and Debbie


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Some pictures from ND11

Cindy was nice enough to play photographer for us.

CONSOLATION:  2nd Ralph, George, `1st Rex and Bob

CONSOLATION: 3rd Tom (Janet is missing)

MAIN:  3rd  Chris, John, 4th  Chris and Joe

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Northern District Any Doubles Tournament ND11

On November 18/19, 2021 Coronado Mainland Shuffleboard Club hosted the Northern District Any Doubles Tournament. (ND11)  There were 14 teams.  Congratulations to all the players and a shout out to our declared Coronado Mainland Shufflers.

KOR’s comment: Please note the wonderful collection of sponsors!

Sponsors: Davis Bros., Todd Perry Insurance, Q&W Roofing, H2 Health, Bishop’s Auto Body, Susan McLain Realtor, Anders & Anders, Springhill Suites


  1. Zak Wonson – Charles Jones………. Coronado/Mainland
  2. Cindy Wonson – Debbie Evans……… Coronado/Mainland
  3. John Giumarra – Christine Giumarra…………………… Deland
  4. Christine Inga – Joseph Inga………………………… Deland


  1. Rex Galusha – Bob Tager…………. Coronado/Mainland
  2. Ralph Lyon – George C Snyder…………………….. Leesburg, Clermont
  3. Tom Grubb – Janet Shira…………. Coronado/Mainland
  4. Chuck Wood – Phyllis Sokol-wood………………….. Leesburg

Tournament Directors: Rich Burrell, Carolyn Burrell

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Thank you Mike Beall

The club would like to thank Mike Beall for all the wonderful, hard work he has been doing to get our courts in order. He has completely rebuilt the storage room so we have a new set of shelves to store our tournament discs on. The whole room has been swept and organized. The courts have been pressure washed and blown clean. Mike is doing a wonderful job managing out courts so please give him a big thank you when you see him.

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Northern District Tournament ND10 Results

On November 15/16, 2021 Tavares hosted the Northern District Any Amateur tournament. (ND10)  There were 18 teams and the sponsor was Edward Jones. Congratulations to all the players and a shout out to our declared Coronado Mainland Shufflers.

1 Chuck Wood  and Carl Collin 
2 Diana Vincent and Don Velcio 
3 John Moody and Debbie Evans 
4 Cindy Wonson and Ethel Camp

1 Marlyce Fistman and Rick Allen 
2 Debbie Collin and Brad Simons 
3 Jim Amberson and Richard Demers 
4 Pat Moody and Freeda Carr 
Tournament Directors: Rod Lewis

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Singles Mingles, Nov 17, 2021

Today Dennis set up the courts for the Singles Mingles Challenge.  We had only Four Amateurs and Seven Pro/State Ams come to play.  I believe that this way of playing will help our amateurs become more comfortable with the game. We need to get more people participating. Next Single Mingles is Wednesday Dec 1, 2021 at 11:30 am.

Pros/State Ams
First Place was a tie: Randy and Bonnie Radke with 282 points (4 games)
Third Place:  Zak Wonson with 280 points (4 games) 

First Place: Loretta Cantalupo with 377 points (all 5 games)
Second Place: Tom Grubb with 303 points (4 games)

Hope to see all of you for our next Singles Mingles.  Let’s see if we can’t get some more participants to show up.  This is really good practice for our tournament on Dec 2nd.   See you on the courts.

Zak, Bonnie and Randy

Loretta and Tom


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Northern District Mixed Doubles in Deland

Deland Shuffleboard Club hosted the Northern District Mixed Doubles Tournament held on November 11, 2021.  We had Seventeen (17) teams sign up for the challenge.  Thursday was a bit of a challenge with three rain storms passing through.  Friday was just right with a bit of a breeze and clouds.   Congratulations to all the players who played, and a special shout out to the declared members of the Coronado/Mainland Shuffleboard Club.

ND09  Mixed Doubles Results

  1. Donna and Rod Lewis
  2. Cindy Wonson and Rex Galusha
  3. Christine Giumarra and Frank Cherill
  4. Carolyn and Richie Burrell 


  1. Gail Howell and David Nitchie
  2. Bonnie and Randy Radke
  3. Cheryl Cole and Paul Hodges
  4. Chris and Joe Inga

Rex and Cindy, 2nd in the Main


Randy and Bonnie, 2nd in Consolation

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