Singles Mingles Results – Nov. 13, 2018

This morning the usual clean up crew arrived to dry and prep the courts for the morning challenge. Singles Mingles is played every 2nd Tuesday and 4th Tuesday of the month. We had Six (6) Amateurs and Twelve (12) Pro/State Amateurs show up to shuffle. We played five games of twelve frames each game and recorded the scores of the winners at the end of each game. The final results are:
Pro/State Amateurs, FIRST PLACE: Bonnie Radke with 321 points, SECOND PLACE: Dennis Buelk with 233 points and THIRD PLACE: Edna Triplett with 232 points.
AMATEURS: FIRST PLACE: Arlene Jabaut with 277 points, SECOND PLACE: Rose Sargent with 252 points and THIRD PLACE: Tim Pergrem with 241 points. Congratulations to all who played. Hope to see you all back here next time. Ciao.

AMATEURS: Rose, Tim and Arlene

PROS: Edna, Bonnie, and Dennis

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Northern District Amateur Draw in Tavares – Nov 12, 2018

Tavares hosted the Northern District Amateur Draw Tournament on Monday, November 12, 2018.  Congratulations to all CMS Shufflers who competed and to those who placed.

In the Main
1st. Mark Goetzinger/Rodney Lewis ————————————————- Hawthorne/Deland
2nd. Freeda Carr/Steve Raley ———————————————————- Hawthorne/Clermont
3rd. Arlene Jabout/John Moody ——————————————————- C/M/MFL
4th. Donna Lewis/DeWayne Toomey ———————————————— Deland/Clermont
In Consolation
1st. Dick Kana/Mouse Wolven ————————————————————- Leesburg/C/M
2nd. Christine Inga/Jerry Jabaut —————————————————– Deland/C/M
3rd. Joe Inga/Pat Moody —————————————————————- Deland/MFL
4th. Edie Armstrong/Bob Neuhaus ————————————————— Leesburg/Hawthorne
Donna King – Director
Great job to all competitors as well as those that help with the event..

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NOTE; Northern District Tournament Directors

NOTE FROM PAT KING, Northern District President.

Just trying to keep you informed.
On Nov 4, 2018 Lorraine Layton turned in her resignation from the Northern District Board.  At the same time Lorraine and Ivan said they would not direct any Tournaments.
Just to let everybody know that Richie and Donna can not run all these Tournaments for very long by themselves, they need people to step up and become a Tournament Director. Please let Richie , Donna or myself know.

Also: We have a New Club in the District. The name is “On Top of The World or OTOW) The ladies from Ocala have 8 courts and 42 Ladies to play shuffleboard.

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Thanksgiving Pot Luck Dinner – November 16th

Our Thanksgiving Pot Luck Dinner Celebration is scheduled for November 16th at 5:00 pm. The club is supplying the turkeys for the dinner, but we need to have an accurate count on the number of people attending. Please email me or sign up in the cue house if you plan to attend. We need a final count by Wednesday in order to know the number of tables and chairs to set up and plan the turkeys.  We had 55 people attend last year and currently only have 26 people signed up. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend. See you there.

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ND Men’s Doubles, Ladies Doubles in Leesburg – Nov8/9th

Northern District Results – Men’s Dbls. Ladies Dbls. Leesburg Sponsored by Suter Heating & Air Conditioning Donna King – Director

Congratulations to all the CMS Members who played in the tournament and a special Congratulations to Cindy and Barb

Men’s Main
1st. Walt Bartels/Stan Williamson ——————– Tavares/Quail Hollow
2nd. Frank Cherill/Rick Enright ———————-Tavares/Leesburg
3rd. Dave Nitchie/Fred Neumann ——————–Leesburg
4th. Bob Craw/Derek Johnson ————————Holiday RV Resort

Men’s Consilation
1st. Richard Burkhardt/Allen Dronsfield ————— Parkwood Oaks/Leesburg
2nd. Chuck Brayman/Ron Carr ————————–Hawthorne/Leesburg
3rd. Wayne Carpenter/Howard Chambers ————-Hawthorne/Inverness
4th. Gary Knox/Ivan Layton ——————————MFL/Tavares

Ladies Main
1st. Marion Lohbusch/Sue McLaughlin —————–Hawthorne
2nd. Doris Hanke/Gail Howell ————————— Hawthorne/Leesburg
3rd. Carolyn Burrell/Christine Giumarra ————— Deland
4th. Carol Adams/Cheryl Cole —————————-Hawthorne/Tavares

Ladies Consolation
1st  Cindy Wonson and Barbara Rush———-Coronado/Mainland
2nd  Mary Jane Neumann and  Lorraine Layton——Leesburg/Tavares
3rd  Cheryl Johnson and Carol May——–Holiday RV Resort/Hawthorne
4th  Chris Inga and Dee Metz —————Deland


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October Breast Cancer Month Results.

Through the month of October, the breast cancer campaign has generated $295.00 towards the Florida Beast Cancer Foundation. All donations have been greatly appreciated.
All donations will now be sent to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.
The wonderful thing about this organization is all donations go towards Research, Education and Awareness, using donations wisely towards this horrible disease can only help make lives better.
I’ve had many others mention the crisis that we all face with other types of cancer’s, granted they all deserve to be made as important as breast cancer.
I have chosen to direct my effort towards this disease as it has affected many in my family.
I would encourage others to get involved with charitable campaign’s of your choice, together we can all make a difference.
Thank you all for your support in this campaign

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Notice From Florida Shuffleboard Association – Nov 11, 2018

The Florida Shuffleboard Association is seeking a new person to organize the Preview Publication. Please read the attached PDF to understand what has happened to Colleen Austin and why we are in need. We potentially could lose $3500 a year . Please Read!


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