August Pot Luck Dinner

Hey guys, just a reminder that our August Pot Luck Dinner is next Friday, August 17th. So far we only have 6 people signed up. If we don’t have more people, we will have to cancel, so please either email me or sign up on the sheet in the cue house. Remember, ” we all have to eat somewhere” and it is more fun with friends. See you there.  Ciao!

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Thursday Morning Four-Play – August 9, 2018

The usual crew arrived early to prep the courts for the Thursday Morning Four-Play Challenge. Twenty-Three (23) avid players showed up to put six courts in play. After each match we recorded the winners and re-drew for other courts and partners. Congratulations to Bonnie Radke for winning all four of her matches. Hope to see you back next week to meet this challenge. Ciao!

Bonnie Radke

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Thursday Morning Four-Play- August 2, 2018

The usual crew showed up early to prepare the courts for our Thursday Morning Four-Play Challenge. Twenty-Two (22) enthusiastic shufflers showed up for the challenge.   We had four winners this week. Congratulations to Cindy Wonson, Dennis Buelk, Tom Rimmer and Randy Radke for winning all four of their matches. We will see you back here next week for a little healthy shuffleboard competition. Ciao!

Randy Radke Tom Rimmer, Cindy Wonson and Dennis Buelk

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The Courts Are Finally Finished

This morning early Zack Wonson and Tom Carbonell wiped down the Courts and prepared them for the final waxing. Thank you to all our volunteers who showed up to help. Tom, Zack, Allen Best, Tim Pergrem, Bob Stock, Al Schroth, Dennis Buelk, Randy and Bonnie Radke. We were surprised to welcome Darrel Harman back who stopped by to say hello. When we were finished we stayed to play some shuffleboard. Enjoy the Courts.

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President Tom

Pictures of our current President Tom Carbonell hard at work prepping the courts for tomorrow’s waxing. He definitely was a good choice to follow our last hard working President Allen Best.


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To Finish Waxing the Courts – July 30, 2018

We would like some volunteers to come at 9:00 am on Monday to help wax the lower courts. So, NO SHUFFLEBOARD ON LOWER COURTS TILL AFTER MONDAY.. We will be able to play on the lower courts starting on Tuesday. Regular play on the upper courts will continue on Monday at 10:00 am. This will be the final step and we will be done until this Fall just before the tournaments begin.   Thanks to Tom Carbonell for all his hard work during this process. Thanks for your patience during the refinishing job. See you on the courts. Ciao!

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Before and After

We want to thank the city of New Smyrna Beach for refinishing our shuffleboard courts. The last time the courts were refinished was in 2005.  Tom Carbonell has moved the No Skateboarding Signs to more noticeable spots.




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