November Fun Day – Nov 16, 2019

This morning was pretty cold for us Floridians at 59 degrees, but we still had Thirty-Two (32) determined shufflers show up for our November Fun Day. Rich Kordeleski and his team did a great job setting up the courts and getting them ready for play. Barb Fortini registered all the players and collected the entry fee. Mary McConnell and Candy Kordeleski took over kitchen duties and had hot coffee and tea ready to ward off the cold. Allen Best assigned the team captains before the beginning of play.  We had eight (8) teams of four players on each team. Following the games, Barb Fortini tallied up the scores while the rest of us enjoyed hot dogs, chips, drinks and dessert. Mary McConnell won the 50/50. Then Allen read off the winning teams from high to low score .

FIRST PLACE: Bonnie Radke (Captain), Tom Grubb, Mike Beall and Joan Sanford with a score of 1170SECOND PLACE: Rich Kordeleski (Captain), Betty Buccini, Jane Tager and Bob Tager with a score of 1160THIRD PLACE: John Fortini (Captain), Felix Piscitelli, Loretta Cantalupo and Bob Stock with a score of 1120.

HIGH SCORERS:  First Place:  Bob Tager  410 points,  Second Place:  Bonnie Radke with 370 points, and Third Place:  John Fortini with 360 points.

Congratulations to everyone who participated.  Come join us for more fun next month. Ciao!

FIRST: Joan, Mike, Bonnie and Tom

SECOND: Betty, Bob, Rich and Jane

THIRD: Bob, Felix, Loretta and John

More Pictures from Nov Fun Day

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November Thanksgiving Pot Luck – Nov 15, 2019

The tables were set up and the room arranged by Tom Carbonell.  Johnnie Conner is back and has once again out done herself. The decorations were festive and beautiful for our Club’s Thanksgiving celebration. Thirty-Two (32) people came to the Pot Luck. The Club supplied the turkey (prepared by Fortinis) and the ham (prepared by Tom Carbonell). The rest of the fixings from our participants were wonderfully delicious. Joan Best said a prayer for us.  We all ate too much and enjoyed each others company visiting with some of our snowbirds and others who have returned. Following dinner, all the tables and chairs were cleared and thereafter some of the diners stayed for a fun game of Bunco. Wishing all of you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving week. Hope too see you all at our Christmas Pot Luck next month. Ciao!

More Pictures from our Dinner!

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ND 10 Mixed Doubles in Deland – Nov 14, 15, 2019

Thursday morning was a bit cold but the Deland courts were in great shape and Twenty-Two (22) teams showed up for the Northern District ND10 Mixed Doubles Tournament. Bonnie Radke was the director. We played the first day without a hitch, but when we had to return on Friday we were met with rain. The finalists enjoyed a morning of cards and Left, Right, Center dice with coffee and donuts until about 11:00 am. We were able to dry the courts and begin our final tournaments.  Congratulations to the declared Coronado Mainland winners. The results were as follows:

1st:   Cheryl Cole      5207     Hawthorne
1st:   David Nitchie    6553   Holiday Mobil Park
2nd   Doris Hanke    820    Hawthorne
2nd    Stan Williamson    2090   Coronado/Mainland
3rd    Patty Foster    2943    Tavares
3rd    Dennis Buelk    3038    Coronado/Mainland
4th    Edna Triplett    2155    Coronado/Mainland
4th   John Giumarra    4523     Deland

1st:   Lorraine Layton   2777    Tavares
1st:   Ivan Layton    2776     Tavares
2nd    Cindy Wonson    6668   Coronado/Mainland
2nd    Zak Wonson    6639    Coronado/Mainland
3rd   Chris Inga    6850    Deland
3rd    Joe Inga    6851    Deland
4th   Gail Howell   5291    Leesburg
4th   Dave Dean    5784    Leesburg

Cheryl Cole & David Nitchie

Lorraine & Ivan Layton

More Pictures of the Event

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ND Any Amateur Draw in Tavares – Nov 12, 2019

Jerry and Arlene Jabaut went to Tavares Monday and Tuesday with Joe and Chris Inga for the ND 09 Amateur Draw. Chris and Arlene drew each other and came in 2nd in the Main. Joe Took 2nd in Consolation and Jerry took 3rd. Congratulations to our members.  Sorry I do not have any further information about others attending this tournament.  Added Later….please refer to the Masters Points page for results of this tournament.

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Singles Mingles Results – Nov 12, 2019

The usual clean up crew arrived to dry and clean the courts for the Singles Mingles Challenge. We had eight (8) Pros/State Ams and eight (8) Amateurs show up. We played five matches of twelve frames each. We recorded the winning scores. After five matches Dennis tallied the scores and the winners were: Pros: First: Rex Galusha, Second: Dennis Buelk and Third: Bonnie Radke. Amateurs were: First: Cindy Wonson, Second: Tom Grubb and Third: Chuck Wessell. Congratulations to all the winners. Hope to see you back here for the challenge on Tuesday, Nov 26th at 8:45 am. Ciao!

The Pros: Rex, Bonnie and Dennis

The Amateurs: Tom, Cindy and Chuck.

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This Week’s Reminders: Nov 10, 2019

We have a busy week this week. Tuesday is Singles Mingles (11/12) Wednesday is Intercity (11/13), Thursday and Friday is the ND tournament in Deland (11/14 & 15). Please remember to sign up for our Thanksgiving Pot Luck Dinner this Friday (11/15) at 5:00 pm with Turkey/Ham and we bring the trimmings (Please remember to sign up the food items that you are bringing so we do not duplicate.).  Our First Fun Day of the Season is on Saturday (11/16) (don’t forget the hot dog lunch to follow). The sign up sheets are in the cue house.


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Mid Florida Lakes Fund Raiser – Nov 10, 2019

I am posting this notice in case there are any members interested joining the fun at this fund raiser at Mid Florida Lakes.  Saturday, November 23rd at 9:00 am.  Beat the Pros, Door Prizes, 50/50 and more.

MFL fundraiser


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