Please review 10 notices and Make Comments – Jan 19, 2020

The President of the ND Lorraine Layton, and STATE delegate Doris Hanke would like you feed back on how your club shufflers feels about the 10 notices, that are posted on the FSA web. These notices of posted changes will be voted on at the March 14th State meeting. Your input will help us to vote in favor of what our district would like to see happen.

Also, election of officers for the ND will again take place at the March 28th meeting. The nominated committee of board member, Rod Lewis will accept anyone interested in any position on the board. All positions are open. Recommendations of a slate will be presented to the membership at the Jan. 25th N.D. meeting.

Thanks and Take Care Lorraine

Appeals in Non-WalkingSingles
Deaths  (Please note that I have already sent them a notice updating our deaths for 2019.)
FSA Incident Report Directions
Masters Tie-Breaking
Microsoft Word – ByeBunching
Willingness to Serve FSA

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January Fun Day – Jan 18, 2020

What a beautiful day for Fun Day. The Rich Kordeleski and John Fortini arrived early to get the courts ready for the day. Candy Kordeleski and the kitchen crew set up the kitchen with coffee and donuts while we all got registered. Barb Fortini checked everyone in and collected our entry fee. Allen Best set up all the teams and counted out the money. Bonnie collected for the 50/50.

We had Fifty-two (52) people show up to have fun. There were Twelve (12) teams and we played all twenty courts. Once the games were over, we all cleaned the courts and went inside for lunch. Mary McConnell served the hot dogs and we had chips, drinks and deserts.  Barb Fortini tallied up the scores and then pulled the 50/50 ticket.  Marty Salanger won the 50/50 pot.  Al started calling out the winners from first to the last. Congratulations to all the the participants..

FIRST PLACE: Dennis Buelk (Captain), Bruce Barbre, Bob Llodra and Barb Hales with a score of 1200SECOND PLACE:  John Fortini (Captain), Vivian Ellicott, Jackie Salanger and Bob Stock with a score of 1140THIRD PLACE: Bob Tager (Captain), Bob Ebert, Charlene Giovanniello and Joe Kasben with a score of 1100.  FOURTH PLACE:  Mike Darling (Captain) Charles Ebert, Rose Sargent and Randy Radke with a score of 1040.

HIGH SCORERS:  First Place:  Randy Radke with 470 points,  Second Place:  Dennis Buelk with 410 points, and Third Place:  John Fortini with 400 points.

Dennis Buelk (Bruce Barbre, Barb Hales and Bob Llodra did not stay for pictures)

John Fortini, Vivian Ellicott, Jackie Salanger and Bob Stock










Bob Tager, Bob Ebert, Charlene Giovanniello and Joe Kasben

Mike Darling, Charles Ebert, Rose Sargent and Randy Radke

More Pictures From Fun Day




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January 2020 Pot Luck – Jan 17, 2020

Well we finally had a great turn out for our January Pot Luck. Forty (40) members came out to enjoy all the camaraderie and good food. Tom Carbonell and Tom Grubb set up the tables and Candy Kordeleski and Barb Fortini managed the kitchen. Tom welcomed everyone to the dinner and made several announcements. We made a silent prayer and pledge of allegiance to the flag and then we headed for the tables of food. So much to choose from. After dinner Allen Best collected for the 50/50. Randy pulled the winning ticket which Joan Best had won. After the tables were put away many of the folks stayed to play Bunco. Hope to see you all here next month. Ciao!

More pictures from the pot luck.

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Results of Singles Mingles – Jan 14, 2020

Today in January dawned so beautiful. The usual clean up crew arrived to get the courts prepared for the Singles Mingles Challenge. We had Ten (10) Pro-State Ams and Eight (8) District Amateurs come for the challenge. We played five games, recording the winning score from each match and choosing new partners and courts for the next match. When we had finished, Dennis tallied the scores while we cleaned up the courts. Congratulations to the winners. Pros/State Ams: First: Bonnie Radke, Second, Rex Galusha and Third, Bob Tager. District Ams: First Tom Carbonell, Second Jerry Jabaut and Third Arlene Jabaut.   Hope to see you all back here in two weeks for the next Singles Mingles.  Ciao!

Pro/State Ams, Rex, Bonnie and Bob

Dist. Ams, Jerry, Arlene and Tom

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Results ND 19 Any Amateur Draw Tournament – January 13, 2020

Well, I have the results of the Northern District Any Amateur Draw Tournament in Tavares held on Jan 9 and 10. There were Twenty-Eight (28) teams. We would like to congratulate all the winners and especially the declared CMS members,  Debbie Evans, Cindy Wonson, Gerald Jabaut and Zak Wonson.

1 Debbie Evans Coronado/Mainland
1 Cindy Wonson Coronado/Mainland
2 Joseph Inga Deland
2 Suzanne DeRocchi Hawthorne
3 Gerald Jabaut Coronado/Mainland
3 Zak Wonson Coronado/Mainland
4 Bonnie Goetzinger Hawthorne
4 Cliff Estes Mid Florida Lakes

1 Sharon Schulzek Holiday RV Village
1 Mike Pickard Tavares
2 Sheila Taylor Clermont
2 Diana Vincent Mid Florida Lakes
3 Glenda Muzzey Clerbrook
3 Richard Ingram Leesburg
4 Carl Collin Midflorida Lakes
4 Chuck Retzer Leesburg

DIRECTORS Rick Enright & Mary Ann Pabst

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Singles Mingles is this Tuesday – Jan 12, 2020

The original schedule was wrong, so please remember to join us for Singles Mingles this Tuesday, Jan 14th at 8:45 am.

Also please sign up for the Pot Luck on Friday and Fun Day on Saturday. See you all there!

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Results from ND. 18, Pro Draw in Tavares – 1/12/2020

I am still waiting for the results from the Amateur Draw, but I wanted to post the Results from the Northern District Pro Only Draw in Tavares on 1/9 and 1/10. Congratulations to all the winners and especially our declared CMS members:  Stan Williamson and Rex Galusha.

1st  Larry Whalen FSA# 3852 CLUB leesburg
1st  Len Johnson FSA# 5258 CLUB holiday RV
2nd  Stan Williamson FSA# 2094 CLUB C/M
2nd  Ken Kissling FSA# 5182 CLUB clerbrook
3rd  Frank Cherill FSA# 5864 CLUB leesburg
3rd  Carol Adams FSA# 4 CLUB hawthorne
4th  Patty Foster FSA# 2943 CLUB tavares
4th  Jeff Luneau FSA# 6086 CLUB tavares
1st  Dave Dean FSA# 5784 CLUB leesburg
1st  Allen Dronsfield FSA# 5238 CLUB leesburg
2nd  Rex Galusha FSA# 6069 CLUB C/M
2nd  Jeff Geesey FSA# 6842 CLUB hawthorne
3rd   Cheryl Cole FSA# 5207 CLUB hawthorne
3rd   Fred Neumann FSA# 4253 CLUB leesburg
4th   Lewis Kagan FSA# 3851 CLUB leesburg
4th    Tom Allen FSA# 5288 CLUB clermont

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