Singles Mingles Starts This Tuesday, October 23rd

Just a reminder that Singles Mingles is this Tuesday, Oct. 23rd.   For those who want to participate, please be there prior to 8:45 AM to register and pay your $2.00 entry fee. Game starts at 9:00 sharp. We play five games with twelve frames each game. We will pair as many Amateurs with a Pro/State Am as we can, depending on who shows up. The top three Amateurs and top three Pros/State Ams take home the winnings.  Remember, you do not have to be single to play.  Hope to see you there. Ciao!

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Pot Luck Dinner – October 19, 2018

Last night our monthly Pot Luck Dinner was held. We had already set up the tables following  the exciting completion of our two day ND Tournament. There was not much else to do but wait for the Pot Luck Dinner to socialize and eat.  Nineteen (19) members showed up to enjoy each others company for dinner. Plenty of wonderful dishes to share and so much to talk about. Tom Carbonell had us say a silent prayer for those who could not be with us and then made several announcements. He read off the ND Tournament results and recognized the CMS Club winners. We also learned that George Karras had won seven medals in the Senior Olympics, two of which were gold. We currently have 107 paid members for 2019. Time For Everyone Else To Pay Your Dues.
Following the dinner we put away the tables and set up for the usual evening game of Bunko. Sixteen CMS Club members stayed for the fun and games. Hope to see you all next month. Ciao!

More Pictures From The Pot Luck Dinner

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ND Any Doubles Tournament Results – Oct 18/19, 2018

The usual clean up crews showed up to prep the Courts and man the Kitchen for the Northern District Any Doubles Tournament. A Big Shout Out and Thank You to Rich Kordeleski who organized all our Volunteers (who are too many to mention) but are sincerely appreciated. Fifty-Four (54) Shufflers arrived for the challenge. Twenty-Eight (28) members of the CMS Club participated in this tournament. Our guest shufflers enjoyed coffee, donuts and tea while our volunteers prepared the courts.  Tom Carbonnell, President, had us all gather outside for a silent prayer and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Pat King had us say a silent prayer for Jack Wooten, who had passed away last week and then made some announcements.  Allen Dronsfield announced winners from previous tournaments.

Thank you to Richie and Carolyn Burrell who were the directors for the Tournament and our Sponsors who were Tim Pergrem from T&T Painting and the CMS Shuffleboard Club.  Also thank you to Donna King for helping out when Richie stepped out for a previous appointment.

The second day (Friday) was committed to the finals in the Main and Consolation Tournaments.  Congratulations to the Seven (7) Declared CM Shuffleboard Club Members who placed.

MAIN EVENTFIRST PLACE:    Frank Cherill and Robert Robinson   SECOND PLACE:  Donna and Rod Lewis,    THIRD PLACE Allen Best and Rich Kordeleski,   FOURTH PLACE:   Dave Dean and Dave Martin.

CONSOLATION EVENT –  FIRST PLACE:  Bob Tager and Guy Godman,  SECOND PLACE:  Daryl Harman and Rex Galusha.   THIRD PLACE  Phil Wade and Howard Chambers  FOURTH PLACEDoris Hanke and Jane Moore

Frank Cherill and Bob Robinson First in the Main Event

Bob Tager and Guy Godman First in Consolation

Pictures From The Any Doubles Tournament


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CMS Pre-Tournament Work Day – Oct 16, 2018

Nineteen (19) Volunteers showed up to wash, wax and clean the courts as well as wash and clean all the chalk boards and sponges.  A BIG THANK YOU GOES OUT TO: Rich and Candy Kordeleski, Mary McConnell, Tom Carbonell, Allen Best, John Fortini, Rex Galusha, Donna and Rod Lewis, Honey Donnelly, Dennis Buelk, Arlene and Jerry Jabaut, Tim Pergrem, Edna Triplett, Zak Wonson, Darrell Harman, Randy and Bonnie Radke.  Tim was repairing things and Allen was helping Tom get organized for the Tournament on Thursday.  Our volunteers are what makes our club a success. We will still have regular Tuesday Night and Wednesday morning play.

Arlene, Edna and Donna

More pictures from the Clean Up.

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Volunteers are needed

The CMS Club is hosting The Northern District Tournament on our courts this Thursday and Friday. This Tournament does not run itself. We need Volunteers to help with the courts and the discs throughout the tournament. We also would appreciate a good turn out of our members to cheer on the participants. So far I have one person signed up to help. Please help support your club and the other members. The morning volunteers on Thursday need to be at the courts by 8:00 am to help set up. We appreciate your participation in this event.

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A Note From Sigrid Reichert

Sigrid Reichert put a comment on my note about Jeannette Gagnon.   No One let me know this.   Our prayers are with you Sigrid and we hope you are returning for the winter.

“My husband Jim Reichert also passed away in July. He was a member of the Edgewater Club, Mainland Club and for a short time Coronado before he became disabled.”

Sigrid Reichert

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Florida State Hall of Fame – Oct. 2018

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Al Dronsfield Did It!! He Qualified for entrance Into the FSA Hall of Fame!!! 2018 10 09

Al Dronsfield is from Leesburg of the Northern District of the FSA. To-day while shuffling with Dean Myklejord in Zephyrhills, they placed 3rd earning Al the MAGIC 200th Point!!  Al is also a member of the CMS Shuffleboard Club.

Al Dronsfield

For more information check with this website.

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