Results from Club March Tournament

Yesterday Zak announced the results from the March Club Tournament.  Congratulations to all the winners.  A new tournament will begin on Friday, April 22nd.  See you on the courts.  Ciao!

The Winners in the Tournament Division for March
1st Place:   Cindy Wonson with 7.50 points
2nd Place:   Dennis Buelk with 6.50 points
3rd Place:  Stan Williamson with 6.25 points

The Winners in the Amateur Division for March
1st Place:  Dick Wood with 7.75 points
2nd Place was a tie:  Marilyn VanLare and Anne Ferguson with 7.25 points
3rd Place was a 3-way tie:  Sue Anne Comeau, Pete Butchko and Loretta Cantalupo with 5 points,

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Monday Morning Lessons

Please note that due to a lack of participation for the lessons and a change in our regular play time, the separate lessons on Mondays will be suspended until the Fall. Please remember that although regular lessons are cancelled, Mondays are days you are allowed to come and get “coaching” from the members you are playing with. Other players are always willing to give you pointers. The best way to learn is to play with a Pro or more experienced Amateur.

On Friday April 22nd we will begin a new monthly tournament schedule. Zak will award the prize money from the March tournament then. Thanks for your patience. Ciao!

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Important to Thank our Volunteers

In order for our club to function properly, it is so Important for us to Thank our Volunteers and hard workers who keep our club going. Mike Beall is our Court Manager and he does such a fantastic job keeping our courts beautiful. Saturday he gave up his free time to clean and wax our courts by himself. He is continually blowing leaves and killing weeds. Our courts always look beautiful. Thank you Mike for a great job.

Mike Beall

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2022 Club Championship Tournament

On Friday March 25th the finalists in the 2022 CMS Club Championship Tournament battled it out for first place in their respective divisions. The finalists for Division I, II and III were chosen from the winter season’s monthly tournament winners. The top eight from each division were to play against each other. 

Division I: Bonnie Radke vs Zak Wonson
Division II: Charlie Jones vs Stan Williamson
Division III: Marilyn VanLare vs Bill VanLare

The weather was great and the competition was intense.  Congratulations to all of the competitors. At the end of the day, Bonnie Radke was the winner of the 2022 CMS Club Championship. Charlie Jones was the Division II winner and Bill VanLare was the Division III winner. Zak has ordered the trophies, but the presentation will have to take place at a later date due to problems with availability.

Hope to see you all on the courts.  Ciao!


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Hall of Fame Announcement

We were so very proud to hear that Charlie Jones had earned enough points to be moved into the Northern District Hall of Fame. 200 Points are Required in order to earn this honor.   Yesterday Arlene gave Charlie his Hall of Fame Honorary Jacket.  Congratulations Charlie.

Charlie Jones, wearing his Hall of Fame Jacket.

This is the Hall of Fame Pin that was rewarded!


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Fun Day Results

Thank you to everyone who made Fun Day a great success. Thirty-seven people
attended and many volunteers made light work of setting up the court challenges
and setting up the food court. The weather was fantastic—just enough breeze to
keep everyone cool. Here are the results:
         First Place Team Mary McConnell, Captain
                                         Loretta Cantalupo
                                          Sigrid Reichert
                                          Dick Wood
          Second Place Team Al Best, Captain
                                           Kelly Amelse
                                           Mike Myers
                                           Bill Sweet
The high individual scorer was Dennis Buelk.
Thank you to Bill and Jan Sweet for the macaroni salad, and to Steve Bruno for
the fruit salad. Thank you to Bill and Jan Sweet for also giving back their 50/50
winnings to be used for prize money.  

Thanks to Barb and John Fortini and Tom Grubb for getting this exciting event running again.

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Results from the Masters Tournament 2022

Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club hosted a very successful Masters Tournament March 17-18, 2022. They enjoyed excellent
weather, perfectly maintained courts and great pushers. The club supplied baskets of snacks and plenty of cold water. At the tournament end the players and their guests, the pushers and other volunteers enjoyed a meal followed by the Awards Ceremony.
We thank the Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club for a pleasant and successful event.  Pictures will be posted shortly.  Congratulations to all the players, especially those who declare for the Coronado Mainland Shuffleboard Club.

Masters Amateur Men
1st Darryl Kenyon
2nd Brad Simons
3rd Tom Grubb
4th Larry Mills
5th Chuck Wood
6th Dewayne Toomey
7th Tom Brown
8th Don Velcio/ (ALT) Ron Theriault

Masters Pro Men
1st Rex Galusha
2nd Paul Hodges/ David Nitchie (tied)
3rd Zak Wonson
4th John Giumarra
5th George Snyder/ (Alt) Vern Ivey
6th Rod Lewis
7th Richie Burrell

​Masters Amateur Ladies
1st Marilyn Mills
2nd Cindy Wonson/ Debbie Evans(Tied)
3rd Diana Vincent
4th Sharon Schulzek
5th Janet Shira/ Sheila Taylor (Tied)
6th Freeda Carr

Masters Pro Ladies
1st Christine Inga/ Carol Helfer (tied)
2nd Donnamarie Lewis/ Christine Giumarra (Tied)
3rd Carolyn Burrell
4th Arlene Jabaut
5th Alice VanDeVender

Tournament Director Jeff Geesey


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Some Unofficial results from the Masters

I just got a great note from Cindy Wonson. It appears we held our own at the Masters, which was held at Hawthorne. Congratulations to Rex for winning the Pro Men’s and to everyone who participated.

“Thought you would like these Masters photos. Rex won 1st in men’s pro, Debbie and I tied for 2nd, along with Diana Vincent, in ladies am. Tom Grubb won 3rd in men’s am.”

I will be posting more when I have the official Notice.

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Important Notice!

Just a reminder that the Important Board Meeting is this Saturday at 11:00 am. We have changes to the By-Laws to be voted on and new members to the Executive Board to be voted on. We need a forum for this meeting. See you there, regular play will follow at noon.

This Wednesday, MARCH 23rd.   Will be our FUN DAY EVENT!        The Sign up sheet is still in the cue house if you haven’t signed up.  Arrive at 9:45 a.m. Play begins 10:00 a.m.

We are keeping the entry fee at $1.00.  There will be prize money and a 50/50 game.  Hot Dogs, Chips, and soda or water will be provided.  Due to Covid we will be outside for this event.  Bring your own chairs if you choose.

This event will require a lot of help, but with your help it will be successful. See you there.

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Club Championship Tournament

We had three levels of qualifications for the Championship.  There is Division I, Division II and Division III.  If you look at the chart you will see that the #1 person plays #8 person and the winner goes on to the week one matches.  #2 person plays #7 person and so on.  Please see chart below.

We now have the results from the first level of matches.

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