March Fun Day Results – 3/17/18

What an enjoyable day for a Fun Day Challenge. The usual volunteer crew showed up to set up 20 courts with challenging obstacles on a few of them. Fifty-Four (54) shufflers signed up for the fun and games. Joan Best collected the 50/50 which Bill VanLare won. Barb Fortini registered everyone and collected the dollar entry fee. Marguerite Fortier (oversaw the kitchen) and her crew set the tables, prepared the food (hot dogs, cookies, beverages & sweets) for pre-registration and lunch.

Allen Best welcomed everyone, assigned the team leaders and explained the game to the many new players who were there for the first time. We had Fifteen (15) teams of four players each. Barb Fortini totaled the score sheets from each team and verified their accuracy. Allen subsequently announced the winners and handed out the winnings (dollars & coins).

The Top Winning Team was Sid Pomainville (Captain), Mona Carkner, Bob Tager and Sid Ghost with a score of 1480. The Second Team was Dennis Buelk (Captain), Peggy Kavich, Darrel Harman and Dennis Ghost with a score of 1340. The Third Team was Arden McConnell(Captain), Bob (no last name recorded), Paul Fortier and Bill Kavich with a score of 1120.

The TOP SCORERS  were: Sid Ghost with 470; Dennis Ghost with 450; Arden McConnell with 430.

All in all it was a fun day with many of our very new and old members trying to overcome the wacky shuffleboard challenges. Once again we must thank Allen Best and our Volunteers for enabling us to have a FUN DAY!  Thanks to Al Best for these wonderful pictures.  Please come back and join us next month for more fun and games. Ciao!

Winners, Bob Tager, Mona Carkner and Sid Pomainville

Second Place, Darrel Harman, Peggy Kavich and Dennis Buelk

Third Place, Paul Fortier, Bob ?, Bill Kavich  and Arden McConnell

More Pictures from Fun Day

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Singles Mingles Results – 3/13/18

The usual volunteers showed up to clean and prepare the courts for Singles Mingles play. We had Five (5) Pro/State Ams and Six (6) Amateurs. Dennis Buelk collected the entry fee and explained the game’s rules. We each played five matches to 12 frames. The winners recorded their scores and Dennis then tallied them up.

Congratulations to: Pros/State Ams – First Place Randy Radke, Second Place Darrel Harman.  Amateurs First Place Jerry Jabaut;  Second Place, Jean Tardiff and Third Place Al Schroth,. Kudos to all the participants. Hope to see you on March 27th, the final  day of this seasonal tournament) . Ciao!

Darrel Harman and Randy Radke

Al Schroth, Jean Tardif and Jerry Jabaut

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Notice: Help Needed!

The Northern District Masters Tournament will be held on March 22nd and 23rd in Deland. They need more volunteer shufflers to sign up to be PUSHERS. A Pusher just stands at the end of the court to verify scores and then send discs back to the players after they have been played. Can be a lot of fun with a chance to watch the best of the best shufflers. If you can volunteer to help, please contact John Giumarra in Deland at 386-624-6019. Thanks so much for your help. See you there!

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Please Note – Apologies From Allen

Our FUN DAY scheduled for March 24th has to be moved to March 17th due to a change in the Northern District meeting. Allen apologizes and hopes that everyone who has signed up can still attend.

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Singles Mingles Reminder for Tuesday – 3/13/18

This Tuesday, March 13th is Singles Mingles at 8:30 Am. This week and March 27th are the final two days for this competition. April 2nd we begin daily play at 10:00 am and we will start Thursday Morning Four-Play on Thursday, April 12th. More to come.

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ND Tournament of Champions Results – 3/8/18

The Northern District Tournament of Champions was played on March 8th and 9th in Deland.  Congratulations to all the Coronado/Mainland Shuffleboard Club Members who played and placed.

Am Women TOC 75/12Fr-MFL……Teams-8
3rd Main Arlene Jabaut…………………………………C/M

Am Men TOC 75/12fr-MFL…….Teams-14
4th Main Gearld Jabaut…………………………………C/M

Pro Women TOC 75/12fr-MFL….Teams-12
1st Cons Edna Triplett…………………………………C/M

Pro Men TOC 75/12fr-MFL……Teams-18
1st Cons Tom Rimmer……………………………………C/M
2nd Cons Rex Galusha…………………………………..C/M
3rd Cons Ronald Raymond………………………………..C/M

For more information on this tournament please visit the Northern District Website.

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Executive Board/ General Board Meetings – March 7, 2018

The Executive Board met at 10:30 this morning. Nine members of the board were present (Marty Bystrom did not attend). The first notice to be announced was that the MARCH FUN DAY WILL TAKE PLACE ON MARCH 24TH. They also wanted me to announce that PUSHERS ARE NEEDED FOR THE MASTERS TOURNAMENT TO BE HELD ON MARCH 22ND IN DELAND.   Barb Fortini will be submitting the full minutes of this meeting and they will be posted in the cue house.

Twenty-Four (24) members participated in the General Board Meeting in order to  elect our new Executive Board  Members.  Bill Boyes had previously posted the nominees for these positions in the Cue House. Bill then explained that because there were no new nominations made on the floor of the meeting, the secretary would accept and validate the posted nominees as having been elected and enter their names in the minutes.  The newly elected members will be sworn into office by Bob Tager at the  Club’s Annual Banquet on March 24th.

We all took the time at the conclusion of the meeting to recognize and thank Allen Best for his superb stewardship as President of the CMS Club over the past  four years. Al will be remaining as one of the Directors for the Board.

President – Tom Carbonell
Vice Pres – Johnny Connors
Secretary – Barb Fortini
Treasurer – Arlene Jabaut
Directors (We need to elect two each year)
– Dennis Buelk
– Tom Grubb

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