Singles Mingles Results – Dec 11, 2018

This morning was 47 degree and only Eight (8) hardy shufflers showed up for the Singles Mingles Challenge. While cleaning the courts a raccoon checked us out. We each played five matches, recording the winning scores, before drawing  partners for the next match. The wind picked up and it got even colder during the subsequent matches.

Congratulations to the winners:

First Place : Debbie Evans;  Second Place: Darrel Harman; Third Place: Cindy Wonson.  We will not play on Christmas Day. January 8th will be the next scheduled day for Singles Mingles. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Ciao!

Debbie, Darrel and Cindy

Anyone know who this is?

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Once again it is time to sign up for the Christmas Pot Luck Dinner this FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14th. We have very few people signed up and we need to know how many people are coming in order for the club to prepare the proper amount of ham and table settings for the dinner. Please let me know by email or sign up in the cue house by NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 12th.

We also do not have enough people signed up at the moment for THE DECEMBER FUN DAY ON Saturday, Dec 15th. We need to have people sign up in order to confirm this event and buy the proper number of hot dogs and chips. Please sign up by Thursday or we will have to CANCEL the December Fun Day. Thank you for your attention to this notice.


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ND Pro Doubles/AM Doubles Tournament – Dec 6/7, 2018

The Coronado Mainland Shuffleboard Club hosted the Northern District Pro Doubles, Amateur Doubles Tournament on Dec 6/7, 2018. Rich Kordeleski and his court crew (John Fortini, Bill Boyes, Bob Stock, Sid Pomainville, Tim Pergrem, and Mary McConnell) had placed the courts in great shape. Candy Kordeleski and her kitchen crew (Connie Bousquet, Barb Nephew, Honey Donnelly) had coffee and donuts ready for the shufflers at 8 am while the entry fees were being collected.

We had Thirty (30) Pro shufflers (8 declared CMS members) and Eighteen (18) Amateur shufflers (12 declared CMS members). Tom Carbonell lead us in a silent prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Allen Dronsfield read the winners from the last ND Tournament. Frank Cherill won the 50/50. The much appreciated Directors for the Tournament were Carolyn and Richie Burrell. Our generous sponsor was Tom Carbonell.

FIRST PLACE:   Dennis Buelk and Tom Rimmer
SECOND PLACE:  Ralph Lyons and Al Dronsfield
THIRD PLACE:  Stan Williamson and Rex Galusha
FOURTH PLACE:  Felix Piscitelli and John Giumarra

FIRST PLACE:  Jan Dally and Edna Triplett
SECOND PLACE: Walt Bartels and Cherle Cole
THIRD PLACE:  George Snyder and Howard Chambers
FOURTH PLACE:   Tom Allen and Vern Ivey

FIRST PLACE:   Mouse Wolven and Tom Carbonell
SECOND PLACE:  Zak Wonson and Tom Grubb
THIRD PLACE:  Bonnie and Randy Radke
FOURTH PLACE: Allen Best and Rich Kordeleski

FIRST PLACE:  Paul Hodges and Mark Engel
SECOND PLACE: Cindy Wonson and Debbie Evans
THIRD PLACE:   Rose Sargent and Honey Donnelly
FOURTH PLACE:  Chris and Joe Inga

Congratulations to all the winners.  Thank you to all the participants. Ciao!

First Place Main Pros: Tom Rimmer and Dennis Buelk


First Place Consolation Pros: Jan and Edna

First Place Main Amateurs: Tom and Mouse

First Place Amateur Consolation:
Paul Hodge and Mark Engel

More Pictures from the Tournament

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Thank You To Our Volunteers – Dec 4, 2018

Eleven (11) Volunteers showed up this morning to clean and prepare the courts for our Northern District Tournament on Thursday and Friday. We washed the boards and the sponges. Cleaned most of the discs. Swept the Cue House and swept the courts. Rich Kordeleski had come over the day before and cleared all the weeds and then toweled all the courts. Thanks to Tom Carbonell, Tom Grubb, John Fortini, Rod and Donna Lewis, Bob Stock, Mary McConnell, Dave Helverson, Felix Piscitelli, Bonnie and Randy Radke for all their hard work.

We still need Volunteers for the Tournament on Thursday and Friday Dec 6/7 to help with the discs and the courts. Participants in the tournament are not allowed to maintain the discs.  Please sign up in the Cue House.

The town employees have been hard at work replacing 2 x 4s, painting the side boards, seats and repairing the hurricane brackets holding up our roofs.  Everyone is working hard to make our courts look great for our guests.  Thank you.  Ciao!

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Invitation from Tavares – Dec 3, 2018

Lorraine & Ivan Layton from Tavares sent me this message:

Hi! Shufflers: Attached is the Poster for the Tavares Tournament. This tournament is open to all shufflers, who are a member of a Florida Club. Please pass this info. on to anyone you think may be interested in playing. To get started on time, we ask that you arrive by 9:45 and enjoy a coffee and/or donuts with fellow shufflers.    There are no points for this tournament, it is only for fun and for one day.  Every player will play 5 games and there will be no waiting to play, unless, we exceed the number of players that fill our courts, 20 of them.  We do have sponsors for the tournament , as well as the registration money, that will go into prize money.  See you on the courts.  SEE POSTER BELOW!


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Clean the Courts – Dec 3, 2018

Quick notice to remind you about upcoming events. Court cleaning tomorrow at 9 am.  We also need people to volunteer to help out at the Tournament on Thursday and Friday. Dec.6/7th.  Please sign up in cue house.
4          Tues 9:00 AM Clean Court, Sharpen Pencils, Wash score boards Volunteers
5          Wed 12:30 – 4 PM InterCity League (See InterCity Team Schedule) InterCity League
6, 7, 8 Th, Fri, Sat 8:00 AM ND Tournament – Pro Only Dbles/Any Am Dbles                   Tournament
11         Tues 9:00 AM Singles Mingles (2nd and 4th Tuesday/monthly) CMS Members
12        Wed 12:30 – 4 PM InterCity League (See InterCity Team Schedule) InterCity League
14        Fri 5:00 PM Christmas Pot Luck Dinner w/ Bunko to Follow Social
15        Sat 9:45 AM FUN DAY -Play First then Hot Dog Lunch. CMS members
19        Wed 12:30 – 4 PM InterCity League (See InterCity Team Schedule) InterCity League
29       Sat 12:00 Noon Scoring with Mary McConnell CMS members

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Refurbished Shuffleboard Cues for Sale – 12/3/18

Denny and Angie Wyss made a donation to repair some of our lightly used gold metal shuffleboard cues. Rick Kordeleski has been able to refurbish five (5) of these with new swivel heads/ runners and handles which are now for sale for $25.00.  These are a bargain compared to new cues sold locally.  Inquire with Dennis, Bonnie or Rich.  Ciao!

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