April Fun Day – April 21, 2018

Rich Kordeleski did a marvelous job, with the help of volunteers, in preparing the courts for Fun Day. Marguerite and Paul set up the food  while Mary McConnell and Lorretta Cantalupo grilled the Hot Dogs. It was very windy and called for rain (false alarm) but we still had Forty-Six (46) enthusiastic shufflers show up for the last Fun Day of the season. Joan Best collected the 50/50. Barb Fortini drew the ticket that Joan Best coincidently won.  Allen Best, Fun Day Overseer, welcomed everyone, assigned the team leaders and explained the game to the many new players who were there for the first time. We had Twelve (12) teams of four players each. Barb Fortini totaled the score sheets from each team and verified their accuracy. We retired to the Club House for a lunch of hot dogs, chips, deserts and beverage. Allen thanked all the people who have been so helpful throughout the season helping with the kitchen, the courts and all the work that our fabulous volunteers do.

Allen subsequently announced the winners and handed out the winnings (dollars & coins).  The Top Winning Team was Dennis Buelk (Captain), Darrel Harman, Jane Tager and Lorretta Cantalupo with a score of 1200. The Second Team was Gerry Bousquet (Captain), Ghost, Randy Radke and Charles Ellicott with a score of 1160. The Third Team was John Fortini (Captain), Bob Stock, Ghost and Terry Reynolds with a score of 1120.

The TOP SCORERS  were: Dennis Buelk with 400; Bob Tager with 390, and Darrel Harman tying a Ghost with 360.

Darrel, Dennis Jane and Lorretta

Gerry, Randy, Charles and Ghost

Terry, Bob, John and Ghost

More Pictures from April Fun Day

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Friday Pot Luck – April 20,2018

Marguerite and Paul Fortier and crew set up the tables in the club house the night before so that when we arrived at 5:00 pm all we had to do was layout food and drinks. Tom Carbonell, our new President, brought a wonderful pork loin. There was fried chicken and so many otherside dishes and desserts. Twenty-Nine (29) members showed up to enjoy the feast. Allen Best collected the 50/50 because Joan was feeling ill. Randy drew the 50/50 ticket and Sid Pomainville won the pot.  Allen then asked us for a silent prayer and we lined up to chow down. We had many new faces enjoying our social and outstanding Pot Luck delights. Following dinner we cleared the tables and set up for the after dinner Bunco game. We had enough players for six Bunco tables. The evening was a success and we hope to see you back again next month.

More pictures from the Pot Luck Dinner

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Thursday Morning Four-Play – April 19, 2018

The usual clean up team showed up to prep the courts for Thursday Morning Four-Play. Twenty-four (24) shufflers were registered for this friendly challenge. Dennis Buelk explained the rules and handed out the court selection chips. We each played four matches in which winners recorded their wins. All shufflers redrew a partner and court after each match. When all the games were finished, we cleaned the courts and cheered the four match winners. Congratulations to Guy Godman, Tom Rimmer, Dennis Buelk and Jan Dally for winning all four of their matches.  Hope to see you all back here again next week for more fun and games.  Ciao!

Dennis, Guy, Tom and Jan


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Summer Euchre Starting

If there are enough people interested in playing Euchre this summer, Bob and Dinah Stock will host play at their home on Turnbull Lakes on Wednesdays at 2:00 pm. If you are interested, please email the stocks at stocks217@yahoo.com. They will play beginning on May 9th thru August . If enough people respond. we will notify you by Email. If you prefer a text, please include your phone number.. There will be a sign up sheet in the cue house for those who do not have Email.  (This is for club members only.  If you only play Euchre you can join as a social member for $5)

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First Thursday Morning Four-Play -4/12/2018

The First Thursday Morning Four-Play  competition of the year was played this past Thursday. Dennis Buel, overseer, said quite a few shufflers came to compete. Congratulation to Guy Godman who was the only player to win all four of his matches. I look forward to seeing you all at next week’s challenge. Ciao!

Y Guy Godman

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Thursday Morning Four Play Reminder

Thursday, April 12th is the beginning of our season of Thursday Morning Four-Play. This is open play for any shuffleboard club. It begins at 8:45 am. We will draw partners for each game, play one game of 16 frames and the winners record the win. We play four games and the winners of all four games get their picture on our website. Last year was a lot of fun and we had many shufflers from Deland and Orange City join us. Hope to see you there. Ciao!

Example of the scores.

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April Schedule Reminder

Hi there, just a note about our April Schedule

Note: April 2 starts 10:00 am regular play, Tuesday and Thursday night 6:30 pm play continues.

April 20 Fri 5:00 PM Pot Luck Dinner with Bunko to Follow Social

April 21 Sat 9:45 AM FUN DAY -Play First then Hot Dog Lunch. CMS Members Only

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