2018 Current Points as of Jan 1, 2019

I have a new link at the top of our website entitled, 2018 Points. I received an update from Pat King. These are the current points as of Jan 1, 2019. Please follow this link for updates.

2018 Points


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Executive/General Board Meeting Reminders

Please do not forget to attend the General Board meeting following the Executive Board meeting this Saturday, Jan 5th at 11:00 am. This meeting needs to have your input because we will be discussing,

1. President Carbonell brought up the matter of parking on Saturdays during our play time. Should we change the hours from 1:30 to 10:00 a.m. year round? Discussion to follow.
2 Arden McConnell made a motion seconded by Tom Grubb to change the weekday times during the summer from 10:00 am to 9:00 a.m. A discussion to follow.
3. Two new board members have to be selected in January. (replace John Fortini and Jerry Jabaut) We will need an election committee this month.
4. A discussion followed about using 16 frames or a straight 75 points for tournament format.

We have almost 200 members in our club and we need a larger percentage of members to be part of this discussion if we are to change the shuffleboard format of our club. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

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ND Holiday RV Village, Amateurs – Dec 27, 2018

Northern District, Holiday RV Village held it’s annual District Amateur Tournament Dec. 27th & 28th. Rather low in numbers with 11 teams. But none the less the competition was still fearsome. The courts were in beautiful condition and the discs were running smoothly.

I have been provided 3 names of those that have raised the bar on themselves. Congratulations to Joe Inga, Jerry & Arlene Jabaut, who have made it to St. Am and will be awarded their pins at the Northern District Master’s banquet.
Donna King was the director.
Congratulations to the Arlene and Jerry Jabaut!

Main Event
1st. Jerry & Gale Prillwite ————————————————— Holiday
2nd. Joe Inga/Diana Vincent ———————————————– Deland
3rd. Jim Parker/Yvon Bertin ———————————————– Holiday
4th. Jerry & Arlene Jabaut —————————————- Coronado/Mainland

Consolation Event
1st. Larry & Marilyn Mills ————————————————- Holiday
2nd. Donna Lewis/Shorty Parker —————————————- Deland/Holiday
3rd. Eddie & Sharon Schulzek ——————————————– Holiday
4th. George Boring/Arlene Hrinik ————————————— Holiday

Next week guys, grab your gals and head on over to Deland for the Mixed Dbls. Tournament 1/3 – 1/5 – 2019

Arlene and Jerry

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Christmas Pot Luck Dinner – Dec 14, 2018

Despite the rain, we had Twenty-Four (24) shufflers and cribbage players come for our Christmas celebration. Tom Carbonell, Mary McConnell, John and Barb Fortini did a wonderful job setting up the kitchen (beverages), table/chairs with colorful festive decorations and  Christmas Tree (beautiful handmade angels by Mrs. Pomainville sometime ago).  The club supplied two hams prepared by Tom and Barb. There was a wonderful selection of food that goes well with ham plus a large variety of deserts. Pat Clark began our celebration with a prayer and Tom made some announcements. Tim Hickey won the 50/50 before we all lined up to indulge in the delicious food. We had an enjoyably social evening and then cleaned up the room and wished everyone Merry Christmas and a good night till next time. Ciao!

More Pictures from the Christmas Pot Luck Dinner.

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ND Hawthorne Mixed Doubles Results – Dec 13/14, 2018

Northern District Tournament Results from Hawthorne Mixed Dbls.

Main Event
1st. Dave Dean/Carol Helfer ———– Leesburg
2nd. Frank Cherill/Gail Howell ———- Leesburg
3rd. Ivan/Lorraine Layton ————— Tavares
4th. Allen Dronsfield/Marion Lohbusch -Leesburg/Hawthorne

Consolation Event
1st. Jeffrey Luneau/Jan Dally ———- Tavares/Deland
2nd. William Jones/Carol May ——— Hawthorne
3rd. Al Carlson/Carol Adams ———- Hawthorne
4th. Danny Richards/Loretta Wadden –Clerbrook

All 8 teams finished by lagging from both ends and the rain hampered the event and made it the sensible thing to do.

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Looking For Tournament Partners?

Please Note: I have created a new web page titled, Bulletin Board as a link at the top of this page. If you are looking for a partner for one of the tournaments, please check out this site. I will be posting requests for partners. You can contact the person directly. If you need a partner, please send me an email and I will post it. Hope this is helpful.   Please visit our new page.


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Important Notices. – December 13, 2018


PLEASE NOTE: The FUN DAY ON SATURDAY HAS BEEN CANCELLED, DUE TO THREATENING WEATHER AND NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE SIGNED UP. We will have regular Saturday play at 1:30 pm unless it rains.  Sorry about the cancellation.

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