ND Mens/ Ladies Doubles Tournament in Leesburg – Nov 8, 2019

Leesburg did a nice job hosting the ND Mens Doubles/Ladies Doubles Tournament on Nov 7/8, 2019. The courts were in great condition and the weather started out very nice. Bonnie Goetzinger and Steve Smith were the Directors and Suter Air Condition was the sponsor. The 50/50 was won by Dwayne Toomey. As the day went on it got hotter and hotter and several people forfeited and went home. It was a very hard battle and we need to Congratulate Edna Triplett and Stan Williamson from CMS for their wins.  Thank you to Steve Smith for this report.

1st   Ron Carr     Hawthorne
1st   Walter Andrews     Hawthorne
2nd    Rod Lewsis     Mid Florida Lakes
2nd    Paul Hodges    Leesburg
3rd     Ivan Layton      Tavares
3rd     Gary Knox     Mid Florida Lakes
4th    Stan Williamson    Coronado/Mainland
4th    Walt Bartels    Deland

1st     Frank Cherill     Leesburg
1st     Robert Robinson     Hawthorne
2nd   Richie Burrell     Deland
2nd    John Giumarra    Deland
3rd     Dick Kolczynski     Clerbrook
3rd     George Snyder     Clermont
4th    Larry Mills       Hawthorne
4th     Bill Jones      Hawthorne

1st     Doris Hanke       Hawthorne
1st     Gail Howell     Leesburg
2nd    Carol Adams    Hawthorne
2nd    Cheryl Cole      Hawthorne
3rd     Patty Foster      Tavares
3rd    Nancy Andres     Hawthorne
4th    Edna Triplett     Coronado/Mainland
4th      Sharon Johnson    Holiday RV Park

1st     Gloria Boring     Holiday
1st     Suzanne DeRocchi     Hawthorne
2nd     Mary Jane Neumann     Leesburg
2nd    Lorraine Layton     Tavares
3rd     Beverly Knox     Mid Florida Lakes
3rd    Pat Moody     Mid Florida Lakes
4th    FORFEIT
4th    FORFEIT

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Minutes from the General Board Meeting – Nov 6, 2019

Attached are the minutes from the General Board Meeting on November 2, 2019. The Minutes will also be posted in the Cue House.

cms general minutes Nov 2 2019

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Attention Mahjong players – Nov 6, 2019

Please Note that Mahjong has been so popular we are going to have it two days a week.  From now on Mahjong will be played Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00 pm in the Club House.   Please come join us for the fun.  Beginners are welcome.  Ciao!

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Sponsors For our Tournaments – Nov 6, 2019

Hi Everyone. Zak Wonson has been chosen to form a committee to search for sponsors for our tournaments. We have designed a form that you can use to seek them out. It would be appreciated if you would read the attached and if you know anyone who would be interested in sponsoring our club, feel free to give them a copy. Please contact Zak with the name of the sponsor, so there is no duplication.  We are also accepting individual donations from club members.  Please contact Zak if you would like to contribute.  His number is 843-295-2127.

There will be copies made available in the cue house.   Thanks for your help in this matter.

CMS Club.tournamentsponsorship (2)



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Court Maintenance – Nov 4, 2019

Rich Kordeleski has a new Court Manager Assistant….Mike Beall. The two of them have been hard at work repairing and cleaning our cement benches. Tom Carbonell and Bruce Barbre were repairing and painting the club house doors. Everything is looking very nice.  Our thanks go out to these hard working volunteers.

Please note: Due to the wear and tear on several of our courts, please do not use courts 9, 10, and 11 except for evening play and special occasions. Your help is appreciated in this matter.  Ciao!

Mike Beall

Rich Kordeleski

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Bill Lohbusch RIP – Oct. 28th

Our prayers are with Marion who was a longtime shuffler and was one of the sponsors for the beautiful Masters Tournament Trophy that we have in our club house. Bill had been ill for a long time and just recently went into hospice care.

Bill Lohbusch passed away Oct. 28th. We have no further details as yet.
Cards can be sent to Marion at their home address:
124 Dogwood Cres.
Leesburg FL 34788

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Executive/General Board Meetings -Nov 2, 2019

The Executive Board met this morning at 10:00 am in the Club House. Seven (7) board members attended with only Tom Grubb still up North. The minutes of the meeting will follow at a later date. The General Club Board  met today at 11:00 am and Twenty-One (21) members attended. Following the meeting most of the members remained for regular shuffleboard play. Hope to have more members attend next month.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE NOW IN NOVEMBER. Our Annual Dues are to be paid in October.  You can pay your dues at the courts to one of the regular members. Your membership card will be placed on the wall of the Cue House for you to pick up. The list of current paid members is on the clip board. Thanks

Executive Board

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