Announcing a New Vice President – Jan 12. 2021

I am pleased to announce that Debbie Evans has accepted the
appointment to the Board of CMS as Vice President. Debbie
will fill out the term of Johnnie Conner. Johnnie has been
unable to serve due to covid related issues and remains in
Tennessee. We hope to see her here as soon as possible.
Debbie is an avid shuffleboarder and will provide needed
support to the host group. She is also working closely with me
on our plans for the Club Championship.

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December Month Long Tournament – Jan 9, 2021

We now have the results of the December Friday month long tournaments. The prizes were awarded Friday this week as we started our final month of Friday tournaments. In the Amateur Category we had First Place: Jack Kopelman,  Second Place:  Bob Stock and Third Place:  Sue Ann Comeau.  In the Pro Category we had a First Place Tie:  Cindy Wonson and Charlie Jones, Second Place Tie:  Debbie Evans and Sigrid Reichert, Third Place:  Jerry Jabaut.  Congratulations to all our players.  Good luck next month.  If you would like to see the scores please click here: (1)  

Debbie, Sigrid, Charlie, Cindy and Jerry

Sue Ann

Bob Stock (file from library)

Jack Kopelman (photo from library)

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Friday Tournaments for Jan. 2021

Happy New Year everyone. I want to bring you up to date
on the plans for our next month of Friday games
beginning this coming Friday. The next four Fridays will
be devoted to qualifying for the Club Championship in
February. We will be playing three regular games each
day with handicaps. No five off games, etc. $1 entry fee.
Over the four week period you will get one throw out
week. So, we will count your best three weeks scores
towards qualifying. The money payouts will also be
decided this way.
We have not set the start date for the Championship.
The top eight qualifiers in the tournament group will play
single elimination for the Club Championship without
handicaps. #1 will play #8, etc. Each group will have three
days to complete their match.
We will have two other qualifying groups. In the
tournament group numbers 9-16 will play a similar
format but with handicaps. Group name to be
The top eight recreational players will also play this
format with handicaps. Please urge all of our recreational
players to come and play on Fridays in order to qualify.
See you all on Friday!    Zak

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CMS Shuffleboard Courts – Dec 31, 2020

My granddaughter, Bella, took a really nice picture of our shuffleboard courts that I wanted to share.

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Mark Engel, ND First VP Report – Dec 31, 2020

Mark Engel was the Northern District’s First VP and many of our club’s tournament players know him well.

Rod Lewis reports to us that Mark has tested positive for covid, and has been in the hospital for the past three weeks. He is in the ICU and needs our prayers.
Rod says he I will update us as he hears more.

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Thursday Night Shuffleboard – Dec 17, 2020

Tom Carbonell, Tom Grubb and Janelle Roberts got together for a  Thursday Night Shuffleboard game, but as Tom C put it, ” It was too cool for school”. Maybe next time.

Tom, Janelle and Tom

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Allen Bessette – Dec 12, 2020

I was very sorry to hear from Edna, that Allen Bessette had passed away yesterday. He was a Life Member of the CMS Shuffleboard club and a Northern District Pro and ND Hall of Famer who had been with our club since approximately 2004. I only had the privilege of knowing Allen and Dorine for a short time, but he was always helpful and willing to give shuffleboard tips. He was active for a long time in our Intercity Tournaments and he will be sorely missed.
I do not know any more information at this time. Cards can be sent to Dorine Bessette at 1703 Magnolia Avenue, Lot A14, South Daytona, FL 32119. He is to be cremated and his ashes taken up North to his family.

Here are the Qualifications for a Life Member


Allen Bessette

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November Tournament Results – Dec 4, 2020

Here are the results from the November month long tournament. Congratulations to everyone.

PROS:  First Place,  Dennis Buelk with 10.75, Second Place, Zak Wonson with 10.50 and Third Place, Randy Radke with 8.00 points.

AMATEURS:  First Place,  Barb Hale with 6.5, Second Place, Jack Kopelman with 4.75 and Third Place, Dick Woods with 4.25 points.

Zak and Randy (Dennis is missing)

Barb, Jack and Dick


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Name the Courts Contest Results – Dec 4, 2020

Barb, Zak and Edna

Here are the names from the contest:

Court 1 – Bikini Bliss (Zak Wonson)
Court 2 – Sexy Sally (Edna Triplett)
Honorable Mention Court 8 – Help Me, Help Me, Help Me (Barbara Fortini)
Congratulations everyone.

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Friday Tournaments – Nov. 28, 2020

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

We have had very good turnouts for our Friday game days.
Thank you all for your support of this event. We will continue to try to make it interesting. The game wins for the Friday game in January will start counting towards seeding for the Club Championship which will be held in February.

Christmas falls on a Friday this year so we will make the next event only three
weeks long. There will be no organized play on Christmas day.

We will play the next three weeks like we have been playing
except we will play with handicaps. If you cannot play in one of
the weeks you are still required to pay a dollar to play with the
gang. We have had several members add a few dollars as a
donation to raise the pot and it is greatly appreciated. Of
course, we are happy to set someone up with a court if they
don’t want to participate. See you’ll next Friday!

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