Something to Smile About – July 12, 2020

On Friday June 12th a photographer came by from the newspaper and was photographing a few of us playing shuffleboard. If you don’t get the paper, thought you might enjoy seeing friends. Hope to see you all on the courts soon.


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Milt Wordelman from Deland – June 28, 2020

Milt was well known as the man responsible for our Intercity Competition.
I am deeply saddened to report to you that Milt Wordelman passed away early Saturday morning at Woodland Towers which is an assisted living facility in Deland. He celebrated his 90th birthday just a few days ago.
I do not know what funeral arrangements have been made if any but I will keep you informed as soon as I know.
Milt became ill about three weeks ago and was taken to the ER by his step son. He was admitted and treated at the hospital for two days and released to Ridgecrest rehabilitation center for several more days. He and his family made the decision for Milt to move into Woodland Towers where he was for only a week before his death.

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Covid 19 Protocol June 27, 2020

We all agreed on our safety measures. When they were put in place life for us was different. We were all essentially quarantined. Not much was open and we could control our personal situation much easier. Not so today. Things have opened up. People are hosting friends and family at their homes and going out to dinner,etc. For many of us we don’t have control of our environment. We were getting cases in the hundreds and today it was 9,500.
Here again are the safety protocols:
* The only people in the cue house are the hosts for the day. Period. No one else needs be there.
* The hosts put out all equipment and get the courts ready. Please put out the hand carrier with sanitizer, etc.
* Before play please remind all not to pick up discs. Use gloves if sweeping and to put all trash in outside receptacles. Not in clubhouse. There is no more recycling.
* Hosts should wear gloves when handling discs, etc. Use plenty of sanitizer as well. We have a lot.
* Hosts call out all court assignments and sanitize the tray and discs.
* Hosts clean all discs and spray the carrier handles, broom handles and door latches before leaving. Don’t wipe it off. It needs to stay on for one minute.
*Cues should be kept at home. I have given Rex a pass on this because of his motorcycle.
* All board members. If you see anyone that won’t follow these instructions use your discretion in asking them to leave.

I don’t like being the bad guy here. But let’s face it. Someone will get this virus. Let’s try to do our part to prolong its happening. Use gloves/bathe in sanitizer and keep people outside..

I will now climb off of my soapbox and go for a swim.


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Just a Quick Note – June 15, 2020

Just a quick note to let you know that we do not have anyone to open the Cue House for Tuesday night (June 16) play this so we will have to cancel play for just this Tuesday Night only.  See you on the courts.  Ciao!

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Back To Regular Shuffleboard Play – June 12, 2020

We are resuming our normal play dates and times beginning tomorrow. Our current covid safe measures will stay in place. We will have a host handling the discs ansetting up each day. 10:00 am Mon thru Sat, 6:30 pm Tues and Thurs nights. See you on the courts.

Monday – Bonnie and Randy
Tuesday – Arlene and Jerry
Tuesday night – Mike
Wednesday – Dennis
Thursday – Cindy and Zak
Thursday night – Tom
Friday – Barb and John
Saturday – Cindy and Zak

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We have the go ahead – June 1, 2020

Well I have good news. We have finally received the go ahead from the city to add Tuesday night shuffleboard to our schedule. We can now play, Mon, Wed, Fri at 10:00 am and Tues and Thurs at 6:30 pm. Please come early as there is still special set up schedule to be followed. See you there.

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News of our Friend Dave Martin – May 24, 2020

Dave Martin was a very special person who many of us knew well from the shuffleboard tournaments. I got a message from Al Dronsfield that I felt I should share with those who knew him.
“Good morning to all, I reported a couple of weeks ago that Dave Martin had entered into a home hospice care status. Dave chose to spend his final time in his home looking out his living room window as he called it his Million Dollar view of Lake Eustis. It was certainly that. We had many of his friends over the day he arrived back home, it was a nice get together.
With a very heavy heart that I am informing you that Dave Martin’s journey ended yesterday about 6:30 p.m.
Dave’s wife Helen stated it was peaceful, he had gone through so much to reach this point.
Helen has told me that there would be a family memorial of some kind back in Erie, Pa amongst family members. It was Dave’s wish to have some of his ashes spread in 3 places where he and I fished a lot. Helen will be returning to Florida and she and I will go out in my boat taking his ashes to the 3 places we fished together in the Dora Canal. I am also having a Memorial plaque made which we will have mounted in the canal where he once lived.
I was lucky enough to meet Dave’s children, Dan and Jessica. Quality kids, Dan is an MD and Jessica is an RN in Erie, Pa. Helen, Dave’s wife is also a very special person and i’ve been fortunate to meet her and come to know them all.
I hope you all will keep Dave and the Martin family in your thoughts and prayers.” He will be missed.

Dave Martin

Obituary for Dave Martin

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Please Note Time Change – 5/23/20

Please Note. Beginning next week we will move play time to 10am start time due to parking and heat.   We will continue to play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am and Thursday at 6:30 pm until further approval from the city.  Thanks.

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Friday’s Shuffleboard Play – 5/22/20

We all got together for a little shuffleboard today. Fortini’s were in charge of the cue house. Approximately Thirteen (13) shufflers came to play. A good start for the Memorial Day weekend.

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Post Covid-19 Shuffleboard Play -May 18, 2020

The very first authorized post Covid-19 shuffleboard play started at 1:30 pm today. Eight (8) shufflers played on two (2)courts. Everything seemed to be working well as per Zak Wonson’s directive. It seemed to be very noticeable that the discs ran very smoothly and quietly during play because of the efforts of Zak using 1000 grit sandpaper on the old discs. Follow Zak’s schedule for additional play this week.

More pictures from play.


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