February Pot Luck Dinner – Feb 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day. Johnnie Conners did a beautiful job decorating the hall for our February Pot Luck Dinner. We had Twenty-Three (23) members come for our dinner and everyone brought wonderful dishes to share.  Candy and Tom Carbonell were helping set up the kitchen while everyone got settled at the tables.  Tom had us say a silent prayer for those who could not be with us and then we lined up to get our food.   It was a very quiet group that celebrated Valentines Day together.  We did not have enough people for Bunko and we left the tables and chairs for Fun Day on Saturday.  Hope to see you all back here next month for the Annual End of Season Banquet on March 25th.  Ciao!

More Pictures From The Pot Luck Valentines Day Dinner

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Results from Mixed Doubles Mid Florida Lakes – Feb 13, 2020

ND26 — 13-14 February, 2020, Mixed Doubles, MidFlorida Lakes, 42 Teams
Congratulations to all the players and winners especially those declared Coronado/Mainland Shufflers.

1 Lewis Kagan, …………….. Leesburg
1 Cheryl Cole, ……………. Hawthorne
2 Frank Cherill, …………… Leesburg
2 Doris Hanke, ……………. Hawthorne
3 Mary Ann Pabst, ….. Coronado/Mainland
3 Richard Enright, ………….. Tavares
4 Sharon Schulzek, … Holiday RV Village
4 Len Johnson, ……. Holiday RV Village
1 Rex Galusha, …….. Coronado/Mainland
1 Sharon Upson *, …………. Hawthorne
2 Rich Burrell, ……………… Deland
2 Carolyn Burrell, …………… Deland
3 Glenda Muzzey, ………….. Clerbrook
3 John Moody, ……… Mid Florida Lakes
4 Dick Kolczynski, ………… Clerbrook
4 Judy Kolczynski, ………… Clerbrook
Tournament Director: Steve Smith

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Results for Singles Mingles – Feb 11, 2020

The usual clean up crew arrived to get the courts ready for the Singles Mingles Challenge. We had Eight (8) Pro/State Ams and Nine (9) Amateurs come for the challenge. Dennis Buelk collected the entry fee and explained the rules of the game. We picked our partners and our courts before playing five matches, changing courts and partners at the end of each match. At the end of the day we must congratulate these winners. PROS: 1st, Bob Tager, 2nd, Dennis Buelk, and 3rd, Zak Wonson. AMATEURS: 1st, Jerry Jabaut, 2nd, Tom Carbonell and 3rd, Barb Hales. Hope you all can come back again net time around! Ciao!

Pros: Zak, Bob and Dennis

Amateurs: Barb, Jerry and Tom

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Please Note Correction – Feb 10, 2020

ND25 Results correction
by Bill B
Main 3rd and 4th were reversed, now corrected in the original post of these results.
Correct Main 3rd and 4th are

3 Bonnie Goetzinger, ………. Hawthorne
3 David Nitchie, …………. Lake Point
4 Rex Galusha, …….. Coronado/Mainland
4 Richard Enright, ………….. Tavares

Points reports are being updated,

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Schedule Reminder for this coming week. – Feb 8, 2020

Feb 11 Tues 8:30 AM Singles Mingles ($2.00 Entry) CMS Members (if you played in the                    Mayor’s Tournament come on back and play with us, same configuration.)
Feb 14 Fri 5:00 PM Pot Luck Dinner with Bunko to Follow Social
Feb 15 Sat 9:45 AM FUN DAY -Play First then Hot Dog Lunch. CMS Members

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Results from ND # 25 Any Draw in Deland – Feb 6/7, 2020

I have the results from the Northern District Any Draw Tournament in Deland held Feb 6/7, 2020. Thursday was a very beautiful morning and Friday was very cold. Deland had the courts in great shape and the coffee and donuts ready. We had Thirty-Eight (38) people sign up to shuffle and therefore, Nineteen (19) teams. We played frame games and Mary Ann Pabst was our tournament director. Deland was our tournament sponsor. Congratulations to all the participants especially those declared Coronado/Mainland Shufflers.  The winners were:

1st,  Ron Carr  5519    Hawthorne
1st,  Rod Lewis   6630   Mid Florida Lakes
2nd,  Dennis Buelk   3038   Coronado/Mainland
2nd,  Jan Dally   7258    Deland
3rd,   Rex Galusha   6069   Coronado/Mainland
3rd,   Richard Enright    4886    Tavares
4th,   Bonnie Goetzinger   6410    Hawthorne
4th,   David Nitchie    6553    Lake Point

1st,  Richard Burrell  280   Deland
1st,  Randy Radke    6351   Coronado/Mainland
2nd,  John Giumarra   4523    Deland
2nd,   Irene  Wheeler    5684    Deland
3rd,   Debbie Evans    6866   Coronado/Mainland
3rd,   Paul Hodges    6847    Leesburg
4th,   George Snyder   5294    Clermont
4th,   Zak Wonson    6639   Coronado/Mainland


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Mid West Seed Company Event – Feb 4, 2020

Tom Carbonell had scheduled an event for the Mid West Seed Company which is owned by one of our new members, Dan Funk. We had left the decorations from the Mayor’s Tournament so our club house looked beautiful. Dan and Friends began arriving around 3:30. We need to thank all of our volunteers for coming to give lessons and keep score for this event: Tom Carbonell, Betty Buccini, Johnnie Connors, Bonnie Radke, Cathy Kennedy, Mike and Karen Beall, Mike Darling, Zak Wonson, Allen and Joan Best and Joe and Kathleen Kasben.

They brought trophies for the winners.  Ninety (90) people registered for the challenge so we had 45 teams of people having a great time.  There were players on each end of all twenty courts and plenty of spectators on the side with the volunteers traveling back and forth giving lessons and coaching the teams.  Tom collected the winners names.

Doug Goodman and Dan Funk

Champion Funseekers Shuffleboard Tournament Team 24 Won with 235 points


They have a very interesting website and story.  Mid West Seed Company

Pictures From the Event

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