Northern District FSA State Tournament Report – Nov 5/6/2018

A report from the Northern District side of the FSA State Tournament held at Tavares on Monday and Tuesday.  A turn out of 16 Ladies teams and 21 Men’s teams saw some pretty good battles as well as milestones reached.

For the Results from this Tournament Please Follow This Link.

As the Northern District Results is not yet functioning, Allen and I are trying to keep our Shufflers informed.  Congratulations to all who played this tournament.

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Singles Mingles, Nov 13, 2018

Just a reminder that Singles Mingles is next Tuesday, Nov 13th. For those who want to participate, please be there prior to 8:45 AM to register and pay your $2.00 entry fee. Game starts at 9:00 sharp. We play five games with twelve frames each game. We will pair as many Amateurs with a Pro/State Am as we can, depending on who shows up. The top three Amateurs and top three Pros/State Ams take home the winnings. Remember, you do not have to be single to play. Hope to see you there. Ciao!

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Executive Board Meeting and General Board Meeting. Nov 3, 2018

I guess I need to apologize for not putting a reminder on the website. The Executive Board Meeting and General Board Meeting did not have a quorum. But they had a nice informal gathering where they got to talk about issues that Tom Carbonell thought was productive. I must make sure that we have something on the web for the next meeting. These meetings are important for the proper functioning of our club. Please post your club schedule and help me remember when we have meetings and functions. Please plan to attend next month on December 1, 2018.

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Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame – 11/6/18

From the Northern District, Sue McLaughlin and Allen Dronsfield will both be inducted into the Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame in January, rather fitting seeing how Sue and Allen also went into the District Hall of Fame together a couple of years ago.

See Full Story Here:

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ND Tournament at Hawthorne – Nov 1/2, 2018

The Northern District Mens Doubles/Ladies Doubles Tournament was held on Thursday and Friday, Nov 1 and 2. We thank the Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club for hosting this event. The courts were well kept and fast. The offered lunch was appreciated. Twenty-One (21) mens teams and Twelve (12) ladies teams showed up for the challenge.   Three ladies  and three men were there to represent the CMS Shuffleboard Club.  Congratulations to all who participated.  Finally, thanks to our sponsor, SUTER AIR CONDTIONING, Tournament Director, DONNA KING, and all those people who worked behind the scenes to make this tournament a huge success.

Main Event Men:
FIRST PLACE:   Allen Dronsfield and Charlie Adams
SECOND PLACE:  Frank Cherill and Rick Enright
THIRD PLACE:   Ralph Lyon and Richard Burchardt
FOURTH PLACE:  Verne Ivey and George Snyder

Consolation, Men:
FIRST PLACE:  Wayne Carpenter and Dave Dean
SECOND PLACE: Rex Galusha and T. Pergrem
THIRD PLACE:  Bob Newhaus and Steve Smith
FOURTH PLACE:  Lee Newell and Stan Williamson

Main Event Ladies:
FIRST PLACE:  Sharon Upson and Bonnie Radke
SECOND PLACE:  Cheryl Cole and Barb Tulip
THIRD PLACE:  Doris Hanke and Jane Sackman
FOURTH PLACE:  Carol May and Lorraine Layton

Consolation, Ladies:
FIRST PLACE:   Sue McLaughlin and Nancy Andrews
SECOND PLACE:   Jan Daly and Mary Ann Pabst
THIRD PLACE:   Edith Armstrong and Pat Moody
FOURTH PLACE:  Christine Giumarra and Jo Ann Craw

Al Dronsfield and Charlie Adams, First Place in the Main

Dave Dean and Wayne Carpenter, First Place in Consolation

Bonnie Radke and Sharon Upson, First Place in the Main

Sue McLaughlin and Nancy Andrews First Place in Consolation

More Pictures From The Event.



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Christine Giumarra

John sent us a note about Christine’s fall at our Tournament. “Just a word to let you know that Christine is doing fine. She has no broken bones but her right leg took a beating from the concrete.
Our thanks to everyone who rushed to her side and were so comforting and helpful. We love our shuffleboard friends.



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November Fun Day Possibly on Sat. Nov. 17th

We currently do not have a Fun Day Scheduled for November. We are trying to determine if we would have enough people interested in holding the Fun Day if we did schedule it. There is a sign up sheet in the Cue House for sign up and we have ten people so far. We would need at least 20 people for it to be worthwhile to setup all the obstacles. Please either sign up on the sheet or send me an email ( if you would be interested in participating.

For those members who are new to the club.  We have teams of four people competing against each other.  We set up the Twenty (20) courts with obstacles and each team tries to achieve the highest score on each court.  It is a lot of fun and you can be a beginner to play.

We would have the usual hot dog lunch following the games. Thanks for your interest in the event.  This is a members only event.   Hope we can get this done. Ciao!

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