Following Dorian – Sept. 4, 2019

Stopped by the shuffleboard courts this morning after Dorian had moved on. Very little mess to clean up and a bit of water to be squeegeed, but looks like we will be able to play our regular Thursday Morning Four Play Challenge tomorrow. Will need a bit more clean up than usual, but unless it rains, we should be able to play.  Checked on the chickens and they seemed to have made it through the storm as well.


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Thursday Morning Four Play , August 29, 2019

The usual clean up crew arrived to prepare the courts for the Thursday Morning Four Play Challenge. Eighteen (18) players showed up for the morning challenge. We played four matches changing partners and courts after each game and recording the winners of each match. After we cleaned the courts and checked the scores Randy Radke and Tiim Pergrem won all four of their matches. Everyone please stay safe during the coming hurricane and maybe we will be clear to play shuffleboard on Thursday. Take Care. Ciao!

Tim Pergrem and Randy Radke

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Our Prayers are with the Fortiers – Aug 28, 2019

I got a message from Marguerite Fortier that Paul’s sister Mona Tibbetts had passed away. Mona had begun playing shuffleboard with our club back in 2008. The following link will take you to the obituary. Our prayers go out to Marguerite, Paul and their families.

Mona Tibbetts

Link to the obituary.

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Shuffleboard Clinic – Starting Saturday August 31, 2019

One of our club’s esteem State Hall of Fame Shufflers, Stan Williamson, will be giving a free Shuffleboard clinic for both Pros and Amateurs weekly, starting Saturday, August 31 at 8:00 am. This is warm up for regular Saturday play at 10:00 am. He will be demonstrating strategy and effective ways to improve your game. Come on by to see what it is all about. Ciao!

Stan Williamson

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30th Annual Senior Games – 2019

We have the applications for the 30th Annual Senior Games which will take place from Oct 1 – 10, 2019 and is open to anyone 50 years and older. You can get the forms in the Cue House or down load from our page. Please fill it out and mail or take it in to the Leisure Services office at the Babe James on 201 N. Myrtle Ave., NSB. For more information please call 386-410-2890. There will also be a sign up sheet posted next month in the Cue House for anyone who would like to volunteer to help on Tuesday, Oct 8th for the Shuffleboard Senior Games. Thanks for your assistance.


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Thursday Morning Four Play – August 22, 2019

The usual clean up crew arrived to prepare the courts for the Thursday Morning Four Play Challenge. We have been pleased by the job the city is doing painting our Club House. We had Twenty-One (21) shufflers come for the challenge. After playing our four games, we need to congratulate Randy Radke and Phil Wade for winning all four of their games. Hope to see you all back here next week. Ciao!

Phil and Randy

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Pot Luck Dinner – August 16, 2019

So last night we finally had enough people back from vacations, etc. to hold our monthly Pot Luck Dinner. We were happy to welcome Twenty-Two (22) shufflers and guests to the event. Tom Carbonell welcomed everyone and Allen Best let us know some more information about Don Nephew’s passing. We had quite a few new faces in the crowd so Tom had us all introduce ourselves. Joan Best then gave the blessing and we all lined up to gather our edibles. So many wonderful dishes to share and it was all so good. Tom drew the 50/50 raffle ticket which Jim Jacobsen won.  Thanks to all the folks who helped set up and clean up the club house for the dinner. We all had a great time and enjoyed talking about our latest summer happenings. Hope you can all join us again next month. Ciao!

More Pictures from the Pot Luck.

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