Current Tournament Results – Sept 28, 2020

I am posting the current results of our internal Friday Tournaments. With one week left, here are the standings.  Congratulations to all our players.  Exercise is good for us.  See you on the courts.  Stay Safe.



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Some Good News For A Change – Sept. 14, 2020

by stanistheman

Tournament Results
Tournament #18 Sept. 10 & 11
National Doubles Championship Men/Ladies

Ladies Division
1. Lynda King – Debby Stuart
2. Barbara Wade – Jeanne Wenger
3. Gail Chase – Katy Walker

Tournament Director: Sandi Quinn
Congratulations to Barb Wade.  She and Phil are living it up in Hendersonville.   Miss you guys.

Barb Wade and Phil Wade

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We Are Back Open Tomorrow – Aug 27, 2020

Rick Wonson

We are all set to go. We will resume play on our normal schedule beginning tomorrow, 10:00 am, Friday, Aug 28, 2020. Thanks for your patience.

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Termite Tenting of the NSB Shuffleboard Court – 8/25/20

They closed the courts this week while they tent and kill the termites in both the Cue House and the City Community Center. Was really something to see. Such a huge tent. Should take a few more days. Will let you know when we can play again.

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PLEASE NOTE: Club Will Be Closed Starting Monday 24, 2020

Hello folks. I have a facility update for you. Last week we
determined that we have a major termite issue in both
buildings. The City has contracted with their pest control
company to begin tenting on August 24. The process will take
approximately five days to get an all clear result. We will be
closed beginning Monday. I will send out a notice when we are
cleared to play again.
We conducted a major cleanup of the main building to make
this happen. The kitchen, storage room and office have been
cleared and will see a lot of change upon our return. Thank you
to Debbie Evans and Cindy Wonson for their work. Cindy and
Debbie have also volunteered to put the historical info we
uncovered in the clean up in some type of order and to safely
store it. Mike Beall and I will monitor progress with the pest
control company.
Zak Wonson

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Keeper of Records – Aug 20, 2020

Zak was clearing out the Club House and discovered this lovely bag that was supposed to be a gift for the Annual Banquet (which we never had).  Thank you to the Club. It is well appreciated and the roosters will appreciate the bag of food inside.

Keeper of Records & Roosters

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Some More Sad News. – August 7, 2020

I just heard from one of our members that Pete (Bryant) Peterson had passed away after a long illness. Pete had been a member of our club since 2004 and he played in our Northern District Tournaments as a Pro. When he became ill, he relocated to Gainesville to live with his daughter. He will be missed by so many of us especially the Sunday shuffleboard Pro group.   Sorry I do not know any more information than that. Please everyone…Stay Safe!

Pete Peterson

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Notice About Tournaments This Fall – July 30, 2020

Hello everyone. I would like to bring you up to date on the
results of our Board meeting yesterday. Recently, we received a
request from the President of the Northern District to send her
feedback regarding possible tournament play this fall. She
requested ideas for safe play and asked for input regarding any
discussions with local officials. Lorraine also wanted to know
how the officers of the member clubs felt about opening for
tournaments. This input will be sent to the State officers who
are trying to put together guidelines for play.

After much discussion the Board felt that we could not safely
host a tournament given today’s current situation and voted 6
to 1 to let the District know that barring some unforeseen
major improvement we would not be hosting our scheduled
October tournament . There are many issues to work on before
anyone can host a tournament and there is no guarantee that
there will be any tournament play this fall. The District
President, Lorraine Layton, is supportive of our stance and feels
similarly . She was very impressed with our current safety
protocols for daily play and has sent them along to the State.
None of us want to see tournament play return more that the
members of the Board. However, it has to be safe not only for
the players but folks we ask to help work the event. We will
keep working as hard as we can to help get things going again.
Thank you to all players who help keep us safe with your good
daily play habits. A big thank you also to our “hosts” who are
putting in so much work!
Stay safe

Zak Wonson

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Opening Again on Friday, July 24, 2020

Hi everyone. Hope all is well. I am letting you know that we will be reopening the shuffleboard courts on Friday, July 24. Play will resume under our post covid rules at the normal times, 10am Monday through Saturday. We will have a change to nighttime play. We will play on Tuesday evening only at 6:30. If we are unable to play on Tuesday due to storms then the courts will be open on Thursday evening.
The member who is being tested for exposure to someone who has tested positive to covid still has not heard any results. Evidently there is a backlog and it may be a while yet. In the meantime I have asked this person to stay away from the facility. I have also asked the folks that were with this person at the facility to hold their return until we hear test results.
Mike Beall and I completed a thorough sanitizing of the outside court area as well as the inside of the cue house. We will continue play with our current safety protocols.
Thank you all for your patience and I hope to see you at the courts soon. Cindy and I are hosting on Friday.
Zak Wonson

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Notice To All, July 22, 2020

I will plan to spray all surfaces in the cue house on Sunday with
disinfectant. Please stay away from the facility until I send a reopening
Stay safe. See you soon.
Zak Wonson

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