Sad News Announcement from Northern District.- 11/19/2020

Orange City Shuffleboard Club is a memory.

We have lost the Orange City Shuffleboard club. I will not delve into the reasons here, but suffice to say it will be missed by members and visitors alike, especially those of us who played in the several District tournaments they put on for use each year. It was a wonderful location and we shall all miss it very much, especially the rocking chairs on the front porch of the clubhouse!

The Northern District has sent a letter of thanks to club president Alice Vandervender, recognizing the ” hard work and dedication while performing your duties as President of
the Orange City Shuffleboard Club. … Your club was always welcoming and hospitable.”

From the Northern District Website.

Orange City

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Welcome H2 Health as our Sponsor – Nov 2020

We would like to welcome H2 Health as our new club sponsor. Sarah Osman came to our club and taught us how to use the temperature gauge we purchased to check the players temperature. They will be helping to keep us all healthy.

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November Board Meetings – Nov 8, 2020

Well yesterday we had our first “real” board meetings since the Covid-19 hit New Smyrna. The Executive Board has met or poled each other ever since the city closed us down which caused us to miss having the Masters and other planned events.  The Board has done a great job keeping us safe and Zak has made a great transition into president.  He has been keeping our games creative while he and Mike Beall have kept the courts and club house well maintained even through a termite attack.  Cindy and Arlene and others cleaned out the office, the kitchen and storeroom and made everything well organized and like brand new.

The Executive Board, except Johnnie and Tom Grubb (who have not yet come South) met at 10:00 and then the General Board met at 11:00.  All together 17 members attended the meeting all wearing masks and well distanced.   Barb will have the minutes for us in a later post.

Following the meeting 15 members stayed to play shuffleboard using Zak’s new handicap schedule.  It was very interesting how that worked out.  Hope to see all our members back having fun and enjoying our shuffleboard courts with all our new safety protocols in place.  So far there has been no attendance for the Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  If you wish to start that up again, please feel free to contact Mike Beall 301-399-4867.  See you on the courts.

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Saturday Handicap List – November 6, 2020

We are now playing Saturday Shuffleboard games using a handicap scale. Please see the attached sheet of assigned handicaps.  This is an updated handicap list and we have new handicap cards for everyone.  

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October Month’s Tournament Results – November 6, 2020

This morning Zak announced the winners from the October month’s tournament. So pleased to announce our PROS: 1st – Dennis Buelk, 2nd was a tie – Edna Triplett/Rex Galusha and our 3rd was also a tie – Zak Wonson/Charlie Jones.

Our AMATEURS:  1st – Barb Hale, 2nd – Mike Beall, 3rd – Jack Koppelman.

Congratulations to everyone. Now on to our next month’s challenge. Good Luck Everyone.

Zak, Rex, Edna, Dennis, Charlie

Mike, Jack, Barb

Pro Score Board

Amateur Score Board


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Cleaning the Discs Properly – 10/28/2020

Hi Everyone. I am posting this video so that when we go back to regular play everyone will understand the proper way to clean and wax our discs. Thanks for watching.


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A Invite From Leesburg – Oct 23, 2020

Al Dronsfield

Hello CMS Club, just a respectful invite to you all, Leesburg is again hosting a single/mingles event Wed. Nov. 18th, anyone interested please contact me at for details and registration numbers.


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Current Monthly Tournament Results – 10/24/2020

Hi folks. Here is the local monthly tournament results for our club. Hope to see you all there next Friday. Really good turnout so far.


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First Tournament Results – Oct. 9, 2020

So this morning Zak announced the winners of our first round of tournaments that ended last week. In the Pro/State Am category, First Place: Dennis Buelk, Second Place: Bonnie Radke and Third Place: Rex Galusha. In the Amateur category, First Place: Jack Koppelman, Second Place: Bob Stock, Third Place: Loretta Cantalupo. Congratulations to all our players. Good luck in this months tournament.

Rex, Bonnie and Dennis
Jack and Loretta, (Bob Stock was missing)
Bob Stock (file from library)
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Current Tournament Results – Sept 28, 2020

I am posting the current results of our internal Friday Tournaments. With one week left, here are the standings.  Congratulations to all our players.  Exercise is good for us.  See you on the courts.  Stay Safe.



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