Mayor’s/Memorial Tournament – Feb 4, 2020

The day dawned beautiful but cool for the Mayor’s/Memorial Tournament. Tom Carbonell, Mike Beall and the court support team showed up early to set up the courts with banners for the Tournament. Sue Bancroft helped with the kitchen and Johnnie Connors had a wonderful display honoring the CMS members we have lost in the past two years.  We said goodbye to Ron Raymond, Mona Carkner, Bob Finta and Donna Toney in 2018 and goodbye to Bob Dove, Bud Barker, Don Nephew, Honey Donnelly, Mona Tibbetts and Darrel Harman in 2019.

Dennis Buelk took charge of registering the participants in the tournament and collecting the entry fee.  We had Twenty-Five (25) Amateurs and Nine (9) Pro/State Ams sign up for the challenge.

At 8:30am the Mayor of New Smyrna Beach, Russ Owen, came to open the event. The Mayor played the initial match with Sid Pomainville. Dennis explained the rules of the game and we all drew courts and partners.  We played five games recording the winners at the end of the match.  At the end of all five games we cleared the courts and came in for a lovely lunch of subs, chips, coffee and drinks as well as a beautiful cake from Publix.

Please note the Beautiful New Banners that Karen and Mike Beall have created for our club.  Also see Mike (the electrician) hard at work.

Allen Best had the 50/50 ticket drawn and Mike Beall was the lucky winner.  Dennis read the results of the winners.  Congratulations to the Amateurs First Place, Tom Grubb, Second Place, Tom Carbonell, Third Place, John Fortini and Fourth Place, Betty Buccini.  Congratulations to the Pros First Place, Bonnie Radke, , Second Place,  Felix Piscitelli and Third Place, Bob Tager.  Everyone had a grand time and I hope this will encourage our amateurs to participate in more of our Tournaments.  See you all back net time.  Ciao!

Mayor Russ Owen and President Tom Carbonell

More Pictures from the Mayor’s Tournament

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