Fun Day Results

Thank you to everyone who made Fun Day a great success. Thirty-seven people
attended and many volunteers made light work of setting up the court challenges
and setting up the food court. The weather was fantastic—just enough breeze to
keep everyone cool. Here are the results:
         First Place Team Mary McConnell, Captain
                                         Loretta Cantalupo
                                          Sigrid Reichert
                                          Dick Wood
          Second Place Team Al Best, Captain
                                           Kelly Amelse
                                           Mike Myers
                                           Bill Sweet
The high individual scorer was Dennis Buelk.
Thank you to Bill and Jan Sweet for the macaroni salad, and to Steve Bruno for
the fruit salad. Thank you to Bill and Jan Sweet for also giving back their 50/50
winnings to be used for prize money.  

Thanks to Barb and John Fortini and Tom Grubb for getting this exciting event running again.

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    Sigfried is a boys name. Mine is Sigrid

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