Results from the Masters Tournament 2022

Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club hosted a very successful Masters Tournament March 17-18, 2022. They enjoyed excellent
weather, perfectly maintained courts and great pushers. The club supplied baskets of snacks and plenty of cold water. At the tournament end the players and their guests, the pushers and other volunteers enjoyed a meal followed by the Awards Ceremony.
We thank the Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club for a pleasant and successful event.  Pictures will be posted shortly.  Congratulations to all the players, especially those who declare for the Coronado Mainland Shuffleboard Club.

Masters Amateur Men
1st Darryl Kenyon
2nd Brad Simons
3rd Tom Grubb
4th Larry Mills
5th Chuck Wood
6th Dewayne Toomey
7th Tom Brown
8th Don Velcio/ (ALT) Ron Theriault

Masters Pro Men
1st Rex Galusha
2nd Paul Hodges/ David Nitchie (tied)
3rd Zak Wonson
4th John Giumarra
5th George Snyder/ (Alt) Vern Ivey
6th Rod Lewis
7th Richie Burrell

​Masters Amateur Ladies
1st Marilyn Mills
2nd Cindy Wonson/ Debbie Evans(Tied)
3rd Diana Vincent
4th Sharon Schulzek
5th Janet Shira/ Sheila Taylor (Tied)
6th Freeda Carr

Masters Pro Ladies
1st Christine Inga/ Carol Helfer (tied)
2nd Donnamarie Lewis/ Christine Giumarra (Tied)
3rd Carolyn Burrell
4th Arlene Jabaut
5th Alice VanDeVender

Tournament Director Jeff Geesey


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