Notice About Tournaments This Fall – July 30, 2020

Hello everyone. I would like to bring you up to date on the
results of our Board meeting yesterday. Recently, we received a
request from the President of the Northern District to send her
feedback regarding possible tournament play this fall. She
requested ideas for safe play and asked for input regarding any
discussions with local officials. Lorraine also wanted to know
how the officers of the member clubs felt about opening for
tournaments. This input will be sent to the State officers who
are trying to put together guidelines for play.

After much discussion the Board felt that we could not safely
host a tournament given today’s current situation and voted 6
to 1 to let the District know that barring some unforeseen
major improvement we would not be hosting our scheduled
October tournament . There are many issues to work on before
anyone can host a tournament and there is no guarantee that
there will be any tournament play this fall. The District
President, Lorraine Layton, is supportive of our stance and feels
similarly . She was very impressed with our current safety
protocols for daily play and has sent them along to the State.
None of us want to see tournament play return more that the
members of the Board. However, it has to be safe not only for
the players but folks we ask to help work the event. We will
keep working as hard as we can to help get things going again.
Thank you to all players who help keep us safe with your good
daily play habits. A big thank you also to our “hosts” who are
putting in so much work!
Stay safe

Zak Wonson

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  1. mdbk77 says:

    Totally in agreement…

    Jack Koppelman

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