Opening Again on Friday, July 24, 2020

Hi everyone. Hope all is well. I am letting you know that we will be reopening the shuffleboard courts on Friday, July 24. Play will resume under our post covid rules at the normal times, 10am Monday through Saturday. We will have a change to nighttime play. We will play on Tuesday evening only at 6:30. If we are unable to play on Tuesday due to storms then the courts will be open on Thursday evening.
The member who is being tested for exposure to someone who has tested positive to covid still has not heard any results. Evidently there is a backlog and it may be a while yet. In the meantime I have asked this person to stay away from the facility. I have also asked the folks that were with this person at the facility to hold their return until we hear test results.
Mike Beall and I completed a thorough sanitizing of the outside court area as well as the inside of the cue house. We will continue play with our current safety protocols.
Thank you all for your patience and I hope to see you at the courts soon. Cindy and I are hosting on Friday.
Zak Wonson

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