Singles Mingles Results – Feb 1, 2019

Today started out to be sunny and warm for our Singles Mingles Challenge.  The usual clean up crew assisted by Sid Pomainville prepared the courts. There were Eleven (11) Pro/State Ams and Eight (8) Amateurs who came for the challenge. Dennis Buelk collected the entry fee and explained the rules. We played four games recording the winners after each match. We could not finish the fifth and final match because it started to rain. Dennis then tallied the scores.

PRO/STATE AMS: First Place: Bonnie Radke with 200 points, Second Place: Randy Radke with 158 points, and Third Place: Darrel Harman with 143 points.
AMATEURS: First Place: Tim Pergrem with 244 points, Second Place: Tom Carbonell with 154 points and Third Place: Tom Grubb with 137 points.

Congratulations to our winners and participants for games well played.  Hope to see you all back here on Tuesday, Feb 26th. Please try to be there no later than 8:30 to register. See you there. Ciao!

The Pros: Randy, Bonnie and Darrel

The Amateurs: Tim, Tom and Tom

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