ND Tournament Directors Training – Feb 10, 2019

Lorraine Layton (Acting-President) and the Tavares Shuffleboard Club hosted a Northern District Tournament Directors training class given by Carolyn and Richie Burrell. The shuffleboard club provided us with coffee and donuts for our class which took approximately three hours.   There was a good turnout with Fourteen (14) people attending the class.   Thank you!

Dennis Abbenante, our new Records Keeper for the Northern District, greeted us all and explained his plans for eventually doing all our records keeping and tournament data management through a computer/Iphone. He thanked Richie and Carolyn for conducting the initial training of Tournament Director candidates before they can be Certified. Richie and Carolyn will continue Directing some of our tournaments through the end of the season. Since Carolyn and Richie are retiring from their Tournament Director duties at the end of this season, Dennis took this opportunity to recognize them for their outstanding contribution to the Northern District Shuffleboard Association for all their hard work and dedication throughout the years.

Richie, assisted by Carolyn, started from the beginning and explained the manual paperwork preparation a Director does the night before a tournament. They instructed us in detail on what to do when they first get to and during a tournament in order to have it running smoothly.  The directions/explanations were reasonably easy to follow and I think most everyone left with a good understanding of what the Tournament Directors’s work entails.  The Tournament Director candidates will still need to successfully participate in a tournament overseen by Richie before they can be certified. Everything associated with this training session was well done. Ciao!

Carolyn and Richie


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