November Fun Day – Nov 17, 2018

Although it was a bit nippy yesterday morning, we still had Forty (40) hearty souls show up for our November Fun Day Challenge. Thanks go out to Rich Kordeleski and his crew for prepping and setting up all the obstacles on the courts. We also like to thank the kitchen crew for the coffee and donuts before preping for the Hot Dog lunch after Fun Day play. We appreciate all the VOLUNTEERS who help make our club a success.  Al Best set up the teams and assigned the captains.  Then the players drew chips to see what teams they would be on.  After playing all twenty (20) courts and recording all our scores, we reconvened in the club house while Barb Fortini tallied the scores.  Kelly Keron (Candy’s daughter) won the 50/50.  Then Al announced the winners and handed out the winnings.

The Top Winning Team was Candy Kordeleski (Captain), Tom Carbonell, Jack Trosper and Bob Tager with a score of 1260. The Second Team was Bonnie Radke (Captain), Rose Sargent, Darrel Harman and Jane Tager with a score of 1190. The Third Team was Gerry Bousquet (Captain), Elizabeth Sharman, Mouse Wolven and Guy Godman with a score of 1100.

The TOP SCORERS  were: Randy Radke with 430; Bob Tager with 410, and Dennis Buelk with 380.


More Pictures From Fun Day.


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  1. Louise Donnelly says:

    Between lots of activitie at church, I forgot one of the best days at nsb…sorry. Hope to see some of you at Mid Lakes tomorrow. If you need a ride, holler. I’ll be passing Winn Dixie about 6:45am…..

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