February Fun Day – Saturday 2/10/17

Just a reminder that Fun Day is this Saturday at 12:00 noon. We start with hot dogs, chips and drinks. Then we choose the teams and play on all twenty (20) courts. If you have not joined us before, this is a day full of fun and enjoyment open to all members from beginners to pros. It is for fun and camaraderie with some obstacles and challenges of skill. Please come on out and join us, I am sure you will enjoy. I have found that it helps my regular play. See you there.

Here are examples of the court challenges.

funday2162 funday1161


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1 Response to February Fun Day – Saturday 2/10/17

  1. Honey Lou says:

    Hey Bonnie, You were among the missing today….it was a beautiful day…..lots of people won’t be coming back tomorrow…Thought you would be here. this fun Saturday (for members only) is this sumpin every week. For a hot dog, I’d join.

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