NSB Mayor’s Tournament – Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017

The weather was splendid for the The Mayor’s Tournament. Marguerite, Connie, Candy and Johnnie decorated the club house with Valentines Day decorations. The coffee and donuts were supplied by the city.  Rich, John, Tom, Arden and other members set up the courts. Johnnie collected for the 50/50.

Dennis Buelk organized and collected the tournament’s entry fees. Eleven (11) Pros and Thirty-One (31) Amateur shufflers signed up to play. The Mayor, Jim Hathaway accompanied by Kimla Shelton and Nancy Maddox from Parks and Leisure arrived about 8:30am for a Meet and Greet with coffee and donuts. Allen Best presented the Mayor with a Shadow Box containing one of our 80th Anniversary Celebration Shirts. Allen also showed a picture of  Bill and Penny Boyes and explained for those who knew them that they had gone home for the birth of their grandchild when Penny’s health took a turn for the worse.  Penny and Bill are in our thoughts and prayers.  We said a silent prayer for those members in distress. We then Pledged our Allegiance to our Flag.

Everyone then proceeded to the courts where the Mayor and Nancy had a short match for points…..Nancy won with a score of 15 to the Mayor’s 7.  Then Dennis explained the scoring and rules for match play.  We played five matches with twelve frames each. Winning shufflers wrote down their scores after each match. Dennis added up the winner’s scores to determine those that placed for payout winnings.

When all the matches were done, we reconvened at the club house for subs, chips, coffee and soda (supplied by the CM Shuffleboard Club). The Club also donated $50 toward the prize money. Dennis then announced the winners.

PROS:  FIRST PLACE: Pete Peterson;  Second Place: Charlie Jones; Third Place:  Edna Triplett. The PRO Booby Prize (last place) went to Mouse Wolven.

AMATEURS:  FIRST PLACE: Arlene Jabaut;  Second Place:  Tom Grubb;  Third Place: Randy Radke. The Amateur Booby Prize (last place) went to Susan McLain.

Following the announcement of the winners, the 50/50 number was drawn and Susan McLain won the pot.  We would like to give a shout out to all the volunteers who made this day possible.  Thanks to the members who came to cheer us on.  Dennis Buelk did a fantastic job organizing and running this tournament.  Thanks so much and congratulations to the winners and all the participants. Ciao!


Jim Hathaway and Pete

Jim Hathaway and Pete


Charlie, Edna, Pete and Mouse

Charlie, Edna, Pete and Mouse

Susan, Tom, Randy and Arlene

Susan, Tom, Randy and Arlene

More Pictures From The Mayor’s Tournament

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