Mouse Wolven Update

Mouse has recently been missed at CMS Club activities due to a leg injury that may limit his mobility till March. He is missed because of his superior play and ability to make us lighten up and laugh by throwing out humorous one-liners that are sometimes self-deprecating. GET WELL SOON MOUSE!

Mouse Wolven

Mouse Wolven

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3 Responses to Mouse Wolven Update

  1. Arlene and Jerry Jabaut says:

    We miss Mouse and his comments, like ” This Game Sucks”. Hope he is back soon.
    Arlene and Jerry

  2. Steven E Lechner says:

    Mouse Wolven is the greatest fastpitch softball hurler in Saugerties history, period. However, he never stop me from bunting for a base hit. Love you, Mouse.

    Steve Lechner aka Lek

  3. waynelockwood says:

    Hey glad to see you feeling better….keep up the good play!!

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Alpha™, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

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