CMS Club Fun Day – Jan 21, 2017

CMS Club Fun Day started at noon with a social  and Hot Dog lunch. Rich and his crew set up all twenty courts with their designated obstacles while Allen organized the team playing sheets and Joan collected for the 50/50 raffle. Marguerite and Paul set up the coffee, tea and a Gorgeous Cake (thank you Marguerite, it was delicious). Barb Fortini registered the players, collected the $1.00 entry fee and then began to dole out the Hot Dogs and chips with the help of Joan. Barb Fortini also drew the 50/50 raffle ticket and Bob Tager was the lucky winner.  Forty-six (46) enthusiastic club shufflers joined in the fun competition to see which team could score the highest.

The Top Winning Team was Joan Best, Felix, Jean Tardif and Floyd Conley with a score of 1290. The Second Team was Bonnie, Darrel and Dave with a score of 1200. The Third Team was Don, Jim, John Zwolak and Joe Shebester (Did not stay for pictures) with a score of 1080. At the end of play, Allen passed out the winnings so as to have every team get a little bit of the Entry Fee Purse. All in all it was a great day with a whole lot of friendly competition. Darrel had the Highest Individual Score with 380 followed by Bonnie with 370 and then Bob Tager with 360.   Please plan to come join us next month for some more friendly competition and lots of FUN.

Floyd, Jean, Felix and Joan

Floyd, Jean, Felix and Joan

Dave, Bonnie and Darrel

Dave, Bonnie and Darrel

More Pictures From Fun Day


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