80th Anniversary Shirt

Allen wanted me to report the shirt examples for your comments. We have to order them soon. They will be white tee shirts with the large picture on the back and the small picture on the front left on the shirt (pocket area).  We need your comments on what we want by the 15th.  Thanks for your input.

shirt3 copy


unnamed (2)

choice one for front

Pocket. copy

Choice two front

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11 Responses to 80th Anniversary Shirt

  1. Cindy Wonson says:

    We prefer choice two for the front.

  2. Barbara Taylor says:

    Like the top one with court for pocket

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  3. Angie Wyss says:

    These look great. I like Choice 2 best. But we are good with either. Thanks for all you are doing!!!!!

    Hope you made it through the rough weather.

  4. Susie Day says:

    I like the one with the the state of Florida on it.


  5. Debbie Evans says:

    Looks good. Definitely choice two for front.

  6. Lena Joseff says:

    With such a beautiful design on the back, #2 is perfect design for pocket. Thanks for asking for our input.

  7. Betty Buccini says:

    Like all any will do betty b

  8. Ann Yohe says:

    choice # 2 for the frontlove the back!

  9. Choice 2 on front. 2 size medium.
    Barb & John Fortini

  10. gablesinn@juno.com says:

    We vote for choice two Coronado Mainland with color. Love it!! Paul&Marguerite

  11. Jeffry Luneau says:

    I prefer choice #2 for the front. Jeff Luneau

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