Ideas for 80th Anniversary Shirts

We have been working on designs for the Anniversary Celebration shirt and we thought you might like to comment. The large design would be for the back and the small design would go where a pocket would go. These will be on white tee shirts. Please leave your comments.  Bottom two pictures.

So Sigrid suggested that I fix the small one for the pocket.  I cleaned it up some more. How does this look?

Pocket. copy





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6 Responses to Ideas for 80th Anniversary Shirts

  1. Sigrid says:

    The pocket court needs to be dropped down out of the lettering and squared up.

  2. Grant Barrett says:

    Not crazy about the white colour and the logo is too busy!

  3. Arden says:

    The word “Shuffleboard” on the back should be either straight or curved upward. See the NSB on the front

  4. Richard Wonson says:

    I like it. Nice job!

  5. Joan Best says:

    I like the logo w/ the woman playing and the man on the bench w/ the NSB on the front instead….Joan best

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