Results from ND21 Pro Only Draw and ND22 Amateur Only Draw.

The Leesburg Shuffleboard Club hosted the ND21 Pro Only Draw and the ND22 Amateur Only Draw on Jan 26th and 27th. Gail Howell was the Director and the sponsors were Suter Air, Merrill Life, Ciebert Wealth, Al Dronsfield, Tom Brown and Vern Ivey. They had 30 Amateurs and 30 Pros sign up for the Challenge. Congratulations to all the shufflers, especially those who affiliate with Coronado/Mainland, for a great tournament.

1. Jerry Jabaut & George Snyder……..Coronado/Mainland/Clermont
2. Katy Walker & Dave Nitchie……..Hawthorne/Lake Point
3. Vern Ivey & Walter Andrews…….Leesburg/Hawthorne
4. Carol Helfer & Zak Wonson………..Leesburg/Coronado/Mainland

1. Doris Hanke & Frank Cherill…..Hawthorne/Leesburg
2. Joe Inga & Andy Serina…….Deland/Leesburg
3. Ralph Lyon & Walt Bartels…….Leesburg/Deland
4. Stan Williamson & Dewayne Toomey…..Coronado/Mainland/Clermont

1. Gloria Boring & Paul Ayotte……Holiday RV Village/Leesburg
2. Steve Clark & Suzanne DeRocchi….Mid-Florida Lakes/Hawthorne
3. Lee Parker & Chuck Wood…..Deland/Leesburg
4. Frank DeRocchi & Chuck Ebling….Hawthorne/Holiday RV Village

1. Don Velcio & Steve Sheehan……Leesburg/Mid-Florida Lakes
2. Jaimie Menendez & Karen Basner…..Mid-Florida Lakes/Holiday RV Village
3. Brad Simons & Ron Theriault…..Deland/Mid-Florida Lakes
4. Steve Smith & Max Collin………Hawthorne/Mid-Florida Lakes

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