Results from ND 23 Any Amateur Doubles

The Clermont Shuffleboard Club hosted the ND 23 Any Amateur Doubles Tournament on January 23 and 24, 2023. Rod Lewis was the Director and State Farm was their sponsor. Twelve (12) teams showed up for the challenge. Congratulations to all the players, especially those who declare for Coronado/Mainland.

1st: Mark Gephart & Tom Grubb…….Coronado/Mainland
2nd: Diana Vincent & Sheila Taylor…….Mid-Florida Lakes/Clermont
3rd: Deb & Carl Collin…..Mid-Florida Lakes
4th: Chuck & Brenda Ebling……Holiday RV Village

1st: Chuck Wood & Phyllis Sokol-Wood……..Leesburg
2nd: Bruce Campbell and Mark Kyle…..Clermont
3rd: Doug Peuler & Jerry Prillwitz…..Holiday RV Village
4th: Ben & Isabel Brannock…….Leesburg
(Brannocks were not available for pictures)

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1 Response to Results from ND 23 Any Amateur Doubles

  1. mdbk77 says:

    Hello friends from Ajijic, Mexico and congratulations to Tom Grubb, my friend, for 1st place amateur at Clermont.

    Life here in a small Mexican town filled with snowbirds and permanent retires offers a life well lived at less cost. In fact rents as low as $350 and as high as $1500+ per month are available. I’m currently paying $350/month for a furnished room in a community living situation. No car means no car insurance/gasoline/repairs, etc., and cost of living is much less than in the US. All in all life here is peaceful, friendly, relaxing, and geared to the thousands of expats who fuel the local economy with our social security income. The weather is Florida springlike year round…in the 3 months I have been here it has rained once. Blue skies are the norm. The downside, it’s Mexico and still third world, don’t drink the water, we operate on manana time so don’t expect anyone to show up on time, and roads, traffic and sidewalks reflect a country struggling to become first world but a long way to go.

    Don’t hesitate to fly down, Mexico has its problems but it’s a great country for retirees with a way of life that values family, friendliness, simplicity and hard work. To all my shuffleboard friends, I miss you, I miss playing with you, and I wish you all the best.


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