ND20 Any Amateur Doubles Tournament Results

Holiday RV Village hosted the ND20 Any Amateur Doubles tournament on Jan 16/17, 2023. Thanks to the crew headed by Ray Parlberg for their attention and prep of the courts. Rod Lewis was the Director and sponsors were George and Gloria Boring. This was a 16 frame/75 point game and there were 18 teams who came for the challenge. Congratulations to all the shufflers, especially those who identify with Coronado/Mainland.

1. Doug Peuler & Jerry Prillwitz…..Holiday RV Village
2. Diana Vincent & Jaime Menendez…….Mid-Florida Lakes
3. Tom Grubb & Mark Gephart……..Coronado/Mainland
4. Suzanne & Frank DeRocchi……Holiday RV Village

1. Sheila Taylor & Steve Clark…….Clermont/Mid-Florida Lakes
2. Arlene Hrinik & Steve Smith……Hawthorne
3. Deb & Carl Collin……Mid-Florida Lakes
4. Julie & Randy Kunzel…….Mid-Florida Lakes

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