Results from the ND19 No Two Pros Tournament

The Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club hosted the ND19 No Two Pros Tournament on January 12/13th. 60 players signed up for the challenge. Doris Hanke again treated the entire field with her cookies and Susanne and Frank DeRocchi arrived with Dunkin Donut coffee and donut holes to keep everyone warm and munching during the competition on the 2nd day. Rick Enright was the director with Bob Robinson & Doris Hanke as the sponsors for the tournament. The threat of rain delay for the 2nd day did not happen as the Competent crew at Hawthorne had the courts ready to play at 8:30 AM. Congratulations to all the players, especially Mark nd Jerry from Coronado/Mainland.

1st: Roger Brown & Frank Cherill………Leesburg
2nd: Sheila Taylor & George Snyder……….Clermont
3rd: Diana Vincent & Rod Lewis………….Mid-Florida Lakes
4th: Sharon Upson & Steve Smith………Hawthorne

1st: Mark Gephart & Jerry Jabaut………Coronado/Mainland
2nd: Doug Peuler & Len Johnson…..Holiday
3rd: Gloria Boring & Katy Walker……..Holiday/Hawthorne
4th: Max Collin & Donna Lewis……….Mid-Florida Lakes

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