Christmas 2022 Pot Luck Dinner

Last night we held our Christmas Pot Luck Dinner. Arlene did all of the arranging and scheduling of the food, the room and the people signing up. She cooked the Turkey and Barb Fortini cooked the ham. Arlene, Jerry, Barb/John Fortini, Ann Rader and Joan Sanford came at 1:00 pm on Friday to set up the tables and decorate the banquet hall.

We had approximately 46 people sign up to join us for a very enjoyable evening. We began around 5:00 pm with socializing, a party light-flashing ball with Christmas music (which Suzanne brought) and the prayer by Janet Shira. First we enjoyed a fantastic dinner with so much good food and once the tables were cleared, we began with a riotous Yankee Swap with numbers being drawn, presents being swapped and re-swapped. The wine looked like the most popular gift with a Champion Shirt as a second. There were many nice gifts. Suzanne documented the whole event and took selfies with everyone.

Once the last swap was made Arlene had wrapped two door prizes. The first one was drawn by Joan Sanford. It was the cutest ceramic flamingo holding a wine bottle. The second door prize was won by Mark Gephart and it was a ceramic cookie jar with an LED light up Christmas Tree on the top. He was a lucky man as he also won the 50/50.

Everyone helped with the clean up, folding tables and putting the chairs away. All in all it was a memorable evening of fun and camaraderie. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas season.

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  1. joan orr-best says:

    We were in NC & missed it.

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