2022 Club Championship Tournament

On Friday March 25th the finalists in the 2022 CMS Club Championship Tournament battled it out for first place in their respective divisions. The finalists for Division I, II and III were chosen from the winter season’s monthly tournament winners. The top eight from each division were to play against each other. 

Division I: Bonnie Radke vs Zak Wonson
Division II: Charlie Jones vs Stan Williamson
Division III: Marilyn VanLare vs Bill VanLare

The weather was great and the competition was intense.  Congratulations to all of the competitors. At the end of the day, Bonnie Radke was the winner of the 2022 CMS Club Championship. Charlie Jones was the Division II winner and Bill VanLare was the Division III winner. Zak has ordered the trophies, but the presentation will have to take place at a later date due to problems with availability.

Hope to see you all on the courts.  Ciao!


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