Exciting News for Our Club!

As the Record Keeper for CMS Membership, I just thought the club would be interested to know how large we have become at a time when other clubs may be having a hard time keeping members. Through the hard work of Dennis Buelk giving the beginning lessons to new members and Zak and Jerry giving weekly “improving play lessons”, they  have helped to make our amateurs feel more comfortable playing.

We now have 244 shuffleboard members and 18 social Mahjong members who have been enjoying playing weekly with Debbie Evans. Mike Beall, our court manager, has been doing a great job keeping our courts in shape while Zak has kept our daily play discs running well. Jack Koppelman, Tom Grubb and Joan Sanford are keeping Tuesday and Thursday evenings busy with nighttime play.

Just wanted to recognize those who are helping our club grow.  We currently have 11 teams of Amateurs and 12 teams of Pros signed up for our upcoming Northern District Tournament this Thursday.  Hopefully the ones who are not playing will come to volunteer as well as cheer us all on.  Tournament registration closes as 8:45 am (you need to register even though you signed up on the website)  Official play begins at 9:00 am on Thursday morning.  The final placement competition begins at 8:30 am on Friday.   Come enjoy the fun!

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1 Response to Exciting News for Our Club!

  1. Bill B says:

    Well done everyone!

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