Results from Wed, Feb 16 Singles Mingles

Yesterday when we arrived at the courts it was still raining We waited a bit and then Dennis, Randy and Bonnie dried and readied the courts for the Singles Mingles Challenge.

We had Nine Amateurs and Six Pro/State Ams come to play.  The next Singles Mingles is Wednesday March 2nd at 11:30 am. Thanks to Dennis for all the hard work.

Pros/State Ams
First Place:  Bonnie Radke with 304 points (5 games)
Second Place: Dennis Buelk with 119 points (4 games)
Third Place:  Bob Tager with 197 points (3 games) 

First Place: Jack Koppelman with 324 points (5 games)
Second Place: Marilyn VanLare with 221 points (4 games)
Third Place:   Dennis Schaefer with 209 points (3 games)

Hope to see all of you for our next Singles Mingles.  Let’s see if we can’t get some more shufflers to come for the challenge.  This is really good practice for the Northern District Tournament Here on our courts on February 24th.  Our Tournament is for Amateurs only and Pros Only so we need to get our Amateurs paired up with other Amateurs.  See you on the courts.

Dennis and Bonnie (Bob Tager is missing)

Jack, Marilyn and Dennis Schaefer

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