Thank you Mike Beall

The club would like to thank Mike Beall for all the wonderful, hard work he has been doing to get our courts in order. He has completely rebuilt the storage room so we have a new set of shelves to store our tournament discs on. The whole room has been swept and organized. The courts have been pressure washed and blown clean. Mike is doing a wonderful job managing out courts so please give him a big thank you when you see him.

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2 Responses to Thank you Mike Beall

  1. Joe Kasben says:

    Greetings Mike.

    Thank you so much for all you do there.

    I appreciate your taking my telephone call a while back also.

    We are looking forward to coming back August winter.
    Peace ☮️

    Joe and Kathleen Kasben, Asheville North Carolina

  2. leslee says:

    looks beautiful. (I’m a carpenters daughter so I should add: impressive work

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