Northern District Mixed Doubles in Deland

Deland Shuffleboard Club hosted the Northern District Mixed Doubles Tournament held on November 11, 2021.  We had Seventeen (17) teams sign up for the challenge.  Thursday was a bit of a challenge with three rain storms passing through.  Friday was just right with a bit of a breeze and clouds.   Congratulations to all the players who played, and a special shout out to the declared members of the Coronado/Mainland Shuffleboard Club.

ND09  Mixed Doubles Results

  1. Donna and Rod Lewis
  2. Cindy Wonson and Rex Galusha
  3. Christine Giumarra and Frank Cherill
  4. Carolyn and Richie Burrell 


  1. Gail Howell and David Nitchie
  2. Bonnie and Randy Radke
  3. Cheryl Cole and Paul Hodges
  4. Chris and Joe Inga

Rex and Cindy, 2nd in the Main


Randy and Bonnie, 2nd in Consolation

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