Singles Mingles, Oct 20, 2021

Today Randy, Bonnie and Dennis set up the courts for the Singles Mingles Challenge.  We had Ten Amateurs and Eleven Pro/State Ams come to play.  We were all pleased to see that Chris and Joe Inga are back for the season.  I believe that this way of playing will help our amateurs become more comfortable with the game.

Pros/State Ams
First Place: Chris Inga with 355 points
Second Place: Randy Radke with 189 points 
Third Place:  Bonnie Radke with 195 points 

First Place:  Debbie Schaefer with 246 points
Second Place: Dennis Schaefer with 222 points
Third Place: Dick Wood with 171 points

Hope to see all of you for our next Singles Mingles on Wednesday, November 3rd at 8:45 am.  Let’s see if we can’t get some more participants to show up.  This is really good practice for our tournament on November 18th.  See you on the courts.

Amateurs: Dennis, Debbie and Dick

Pros: Randy, Bonnie and Chris

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