In House Amateur/Pro Draw Tournament

Yesterday we had a great time at the first “tournament” in almost two years. Thank you to Cindy and Zak Wonson, John Fortini, Dennis Buelk and Randy and Bonnie Radke who arrived early to set up the ten courts we were to use. We had a great display of all of our sponsors and everything was set before our players began to arrive. We limited the tournament to sixteen (16) Amateurs and sixteen Pros (16).

We had a very light sprinkle early on in the games, but over all the day was beautiful with a slight breeze. Everyone seemed to have an interesting day with our Amateurs learning a lot from our Pros. The day was meant as a practice for our Amateurs to see what a real tournament is like. All of the players finished on the first day except the First and Second Place Consolation Teams who will finish their matches this morning. Turned out a really close competition, with a good audience.   Congratulations to all of our players. Once again thank you to all our sponsors for their support.

FIRST PLACE: Dennis Buelk and Vaughn Long
SECOND PLACE: Charlie Jones and Tim Pergrem
THIRD PLACE: Zak Wonson and Bob Augusto
FOURTH PLACE: Bob Tager and Barb Fortini

FIRST PLACE:  Jerry Jabaut and Janet Shira
SECOND PLACE:  Edna Triplett and Tom Grubb
THIRD PLACE: Carolyn Burrell and Bill Van Note
FOURTH PLACE: Richie Burrell and Jane Tager

1st/ Dennis and Vaughn
2nd/ Charlie and Tim

3rd/ Zak and Bob
4th/ Bob and Barb

1st/ Jerry and Janet
2nd/ Edna and Tom

3rd/ Carolyn and Bill
4th/ Richie and Jane

More Photos From The Tournament

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  1. Susan McLain says:

    Congratulations to all!

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