In – House Tournament, Oct 14th

Hello folks. I am sending out a confirmation regarding our in-
house tournament scheduled for Oct 14. The format will be a 
Pro/Am Draw. Before play each Amateur will draw the name of
their Pro partner for the day. At the moment we have almost
equal amounts of Amateurs and Pros signed up which is great.
We could use a couple more Pros. I believe this tournament is
very important to train our new players and I am excited that
we have so many planning to play. We can take up to 20
players in each category.

All players need to be on site by 8:30 am and sign in with
Bonnie Radke. Sign in closes at 8:45 sharp. No exceptions. Play
begins at 9am. Cost will be $6 per player. We will pay prize
money to the top three teams in the main and consolation
groups. This works as follows.  If you win your first match and
lose your second you are out. If you lose your first match you
go to the consolation group and play until you lose. Please do
not leave without checking your final status with Bonnie.

Please come prepared to spend most of the day. Bring your
drinks and a picnic lunch. We may need to finish the finals on
Friday morning so please clear your schedules.
Because this is an in house tournament and because of other
concerns, your Pro partner will be able to wax discs as needed
or to add beads, etc.  Normally, this is the responsibility of the
tournament staff only.

If you want to play you must sign up by Saturday , October 9.
The sheet is in the clubhouse. Please do not sign up if you are
not sure you can commit to a full day of play..
We are looking forwards to a fun day!

Zak Wonson

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