Wash, Wax and Clean the Courts

Mike Beall organized a group of volunteers to help Wash, Wax and Clean our courts today. He had already blown all the dirt away, weed wacked the edges and then power washed the courts. This morning Mike, Arlene and Jerry Jabaut, John Fortini, Zak Wonson and Dennis Buelk came early and waxed the courts. Arlene washed and cleaned all the scoreboards and they were finished by about 9:30.  Thank you so much to our volunteers and Mike, our very productive Court Manager for helping to keep our courts so great to play on.  


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1 Response to Wash, Wax and Clean the Courts

  1. al dronsfield says:

    Great job folks, we just finished doing this at Leesburg last Saturday and our courts came out beautiful also. As you know we just replaced 400′ of backstop hose with brand new 1 1/2″ firehose, we are filling with ball valves the hoses with water, this helps us regulate the kickback of discs off the backstop, we can kill them dead!!. Hawthorne came up with this idea years ago and I always thought that it was a brilliant idea.We are going to roll all the hose up we replaced which are still useable, again if you could use any of it your welcome to it and we’ll either get it over to you by way of myself or Stan. Knowing you have canceled events until January we hope to see you at other tournaments until then. Thank you for the update, Al

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