Monthly Tournament Results for April 2021

Today was absolutely beautiful with a slight wind and plenty of sunshine after a questionable week.  Zak called us all together to announce the winners from the March/April Month long Tournament.  He also announced that we would have a meeting of people interested in Intercity Tournament play in the Fall following our play today.  This month our tournament will be three games with a Mulligan in each game for each player.  He began with congratulations to all of our players:

First were the winners from our Amateur Players
1st Place:   Dick Wood with 6.25 points
2nd Place:  Paul Fortier with 4.75 points
3rd Place:  Sue Ann Comeau with 3.75 points.

Next were the winners from our Tournament players.
1st Place:  WAS A TIE – Bonnie Radke and Zak Wonson with 8 points each.
2nd Place:  Dennis Buelk with 6.5 points
3rd Place:  Stan Williamson with 6.25 points

Dennis, Bonnie and Zak (Stan is missing)

Sue Ann and Dick (Paul is missing)

Amateur Tournament Numbers   Amateurs
Tournament Player Numbers   Tournament

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  1. Lola Ho says:

    Hi, do you know if my cue has been removed or is still hanging in the clubhouse?


    Have a super day


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