Friday Tournaments for Jan. 2021

Happy New Year everyone. I want to bring you up to date
on the plans for our next month of Friday games
beginning this coming Friday. The next four Fridays will
be devoted to qualifying for the Club Championship in
February. We will be playing three regular games each
day with handicaps. No five off games, etc. $1 entry fee.
Over the four week period you will get one throw out
week. So, we will count your best three weeks scores
towards qualifying. The money payouts will also be
decided this way.
We have not set the start date for the Championship.
The top eight qualifiers in the tournament group will play
single elimination for the Club Championship without
handicaps. #1 will play #8, etc. Each group will have three
days to complete their match.
We will have two other qualifying groups. In the
tournament group numbers 9-16 will play a similar
format but with handicaps. Group name to be
The top eight recreational players will also play this
format with handicaps. Please urge all of our recreational
players to come and play on Fridays in order to qualify.
See you all on Friday!    Zak

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