Allen Bessette – Dec 12, 2020

I was very sorry to hear from Edna, that Allen Bessette had passed away yesterday. He was a Life Member of the CMS Shuffleboard club and a Northern District Pro and ND Hall of Famer who had been with our club since approximately 2004. I only had the privilege of knowing Allen and Dorine for a short time, but he was always helpful and willing to give shuffleboard tips. He was active for a long time in our Intercity Tournaments and he will be sorely missed.
I do not know any more information at this time. Cards can be sent to Dorine Bessette at 1703 Magnolia Avenue, Lot A14, South Daytona, FL 32119. He is to be cremated and his ashes taken up North to his family.

Here are the Qualifications for a Life Member


Allen Bessette

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  1. Bill B says:

    My condolences to Dorine and family.
    I always respected Al Bessette. He was president of the New Smyrna Beach Mainland Shuffleboard Club at the same time I was president of Coronado in 2010. When the city decided to close the Mainland courts, Al and I had a big job to do to merge the two clubs. Thanks to respect on both sides we were able to make this transition, hence the new name of “our” club was agreed on as , “Coronado / Mainland SHuffleboard Club”.

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