Cleaning the Discs Properly – 10/28/2020

Hi Everyone. I am posting this video so that when we go back to regular play everyone will understand the proper way to clean and wax our discs. Thanks for watching.


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2 Responses to Cleaning the Discs Properly – 10/28/2020

  1. mdbk77 says:

    Nominated Best Shuffleboard Florida:

    New Smyrna Beach

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  2. al dronsfield says:

    LOL, hey where did you find this guy? What really got us experimenting was we found that excessive wax was bogging our disc down. I tricked our players by removing all wax and playing bare on beads on one court and waxed the other set. Most everyone complained that one court was slower than the other, we then informed them that the fast court had no wax, this is when playing on beaded courts only. I did this on one of our rotational events like your inner city events. I stripped the wax on 7 sets, everyone was amazed how well our disc ran, when it was over I had one character said he thought we had over waxed the disc, I informed him and all others no disc had been waxed. Thanks Bonnie and Zac. AlĀ 

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