A notice From Our President – July 18, 2020

I have been notified by a member that he was exposed to someone that has tested positive for Covid-19. Our member has been tested and we are awaiting results. All members that he played with have been notified. I think it prudent that we close the club until we get the results of testing. If all is well we will reopen and I will let you all know via email.

I will plan to spray all surfaces in the cue house on Sunday with
disinfectant. Please stay away from the facility until I send a reopening
Stay safe. See you soon.
Zak Wonson

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Enjoying retirement in New Smyrna Beach
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3 Responses to A notice From Our President – July 18, 2020

  1. Firmina Garcia says:

    We are planning to relocate to new Smyrna from Daytona Beach Shores. We would like to know more about the club.

  2. mdbk77 says:

    I played with Tom (not past President Tom), other Tom who lives across from the courts last Wednesday or Thursday and gave that Tom a ride to his car and then to his home. Tom and I were in very close proximity in the car. I am scheduled to leave tomorrow to visit family. I will cancel plans if I am now suspect. Tom’s name came up in chance conversation today with other players, one of whom was notified of contact. I was not notified of contact. Very confusing at the moment as there are two Toms.

    Left email message with Zak but if you have his phone number I will call him or perhaps you can clarify my uncertainty.

    Jack. 727 459 7724

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  3. mdbk77 says:

    Just got clarification that all is ok. Be safe and disregard prior email. Thanks,


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