Covid 19 Protocol June 27, 2020

We all agreed on our safety measures. When they were put in place life for us was different. We were all essentially quarantined. Not much was open and we could control our personal situation much easier. Not so today. Things have opened up. People are hosting friends and family at their homes and going out to dinner,etc. For many of us we don’t have control of our environment. We were getting cases in the hundreds and today it was 9,500.
Here again are the safety protocols:
* The only people in the cue house are the hosts for the day. Period. No one else needs be there.
* The hosts put out all equipment and get the courts ready. Please put out the hand carrier with sanitizer, etc.
* Before play please remind all not to pick up discs. Use gloves if sweeping and to put all trash in outside receptacles. Not in clubhouse. There is no more recycling.
* Hosts should wear gloves when handling discs, etc. Use plenty of sanitizer as well. We have a lot.
* Hosts call out all court assignments and sanitize the tray and discs.
* Hosts clean all discs and spray the carrier handles, broom handles and door latches before leaving. Don’t wipe it off. It needs to stay on for one minute.
*Cues should be kept at home. I have given Rex a pass on this because of his motorcycle.
* All board members. If you see anyone that won’t follow these instructions use your discretion in asking them to leave.

I don’t like being the bad guy here. But let’s face it. Someone will get this virus. Let’s try to do our part to prolong its happening. Use gloves/bathe in sanitizer and keep people outside..

I will now climb off of my soapbox and go for a swim.


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