Vandalism on our Courts. – May 17, 2020

We have been having problems with vandalism on our courts. Kids riding bikes and skateboards that damage the courts. Yesterday after the crew worked so hard waxing and cleaning the courts, Marty Bystrom caught pictures of the kids doing the damage. The picture was sent to the police and this was their answer. Please take pictures of the kids if you see them and call the police to report the crime.  Do you recognize these kids?

” Lt. Kirk sent me the email and photos that were sent to him about the juveniles on the shuffle board courts.  I am going to notify all officers to extra patrol the courts and trespass anyone clearly violating the rules and operating recreational wheeled vehicles (skateboards, bicycles, etc..) on the courts.  In the future if any members or the club or anyone at all, sees someone on the courts who do not belong can you please instruct them to call 386-424-2000, this is the non-emergency number and an officer can respond to the scene to issue the trespass warning or make an arrest if a vandalism is occurring.  We try to patrol all of the city parks regularly, but with the increase in beach traffic and call volume, it can be difficult for officers to have the time to do so on some days. However, when we are notified and a call for service is created, an officer will always respond to the scene as soon as they are able.  We will try to identify the juveniles in the photos we received so they can be issued trespass warnings from the courts. “

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2 Responses to Vandalism on our Courts. – May 17, 2020

  1. mdbk77 says:

    About 2 weeks ago I confronted 5-6 boys and girls on the court with bikes and a dog. Explained how hard we old folks work on the courts etc. couldn’t recognize from photos but about 14 -16 years old. It happened in the early evening I believe.

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  2. Debbie Smith says:

    I wish that the picture of the one in the red shirt was a little less grainy
    If it’s who I think it might be, he’s bad news
    He lives near me
    I haven’t seen him in a while
    It sure looks like it could be him
    I’ve seen him in the past being quite mischievous
    I’ll keep my eyes open and hopefully we can put a stop to some of them

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