A Note From Our President – April 22, 2020

Hi folks. I hope that this message finds you all in good health. Cindy and I talk constantly about missing our friends at the club and about how much we miss playing. We took what we had for granted and now that we don’t have it it is easy too see how much it means to many of us. With this mind I want to take the opportunity to bring you up to discuss our current status.
The club remains closed. I have been in contact with the Parks and Rec Department and let them know that we will remain closed until we can present them with a plan that will allow us to run the cue house facility safely, even if it is on a limited basis only. There has been some concern on the town’s part on what we were planning.
I am planning to hold a Board meeting within the next week to discuss ideas that would allow us to open on some basis. Hopefully, we can formulate a consensus plan that we can present to the town. If you have any thoughts on how to safely run the cue house area please pass them along to a Board member. We are all anxious to get back, but let’s be sure we do the right thing.
I hope to see you at the courts as soon as possible.


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2 Responses to A Note From Our President – April 22, 2020

  1. seawitch2 says:

    I bumped into Jack on the beach this morning and he had a good idea. We assign one person per day to be the Cue House person. They are responsible for sweeping the courts, beading and getting out the discs, cue sticks and what ever is needed. We play every other court and when we are done, we use Lysol on the benches and the one person chosen that day, sprays and cleans all the discs and cue sticks as well as anything else that may have been touched. They would also sweep the courts and clean the brooms that were used. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but I am thinking that not too many people will show up in the beginning. The usual 10 that take care of the courts anyway. We can start slow wearing masks,social distancing etc. Maybe have people sign up before hand so we don’t have more than say twelve people at a time. That is 3 courts. Have people who are together play their end of the court and don’t rotate. Just some exercise and outdoor activity. We could maybe even do four courts….. What do you think. How would you have a board meeting? Bonnie

  2. Louis Giovanniello says:

    A suggestion, have one person inside the house hand out the equipment, or only one person allowed in the house at a time.

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