From Zac Wonson, CMSC President:

NOTICE – The city of NSB has closed all buildings other than Babe James and the golf course. This has closed us down for all activities. I will post a notice on the cue house this morning. .

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  1. mdbk77 says:

    Hi Zac,

    Parks and Leisure Services tells me the courts are open for play, however the storage room is closed. I’m hoping there might be a compromise situation available – supervisor to call me back.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. To our shuffleboard community:

    Chuck and I have had so much fun with our shuffleboard. It has been one of our favorite activities since we have moved here. Although we will miss everyone, we send our best wishes for everyone’s good health during this difficult time.

    Chuck and Melissa Wessell Sent from my iPhone.~\ ~ To ¥•u, with ❤️love❤️


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