Swearing-in Club Officers

We gathered together [edit: maintaining 6 foot distance as much as we could] on the afternoon of Thursday March 19 not only to swear in our newly elected club Executive and 2020-2022 Board, but also to present Felix Piscitelli with his Norther District Hall Of Fame Jacket! Congratulations All! (Pictures follow.)

The full executive and board for 2020-2022 are:

Zac Wonson – President
Johnny Coonner  – VP
Barb Fortini – Secretary
Arlene Jabaut – Treasurer
~2019-2021 Board Members
John Fortini
Jerry Jabaut
~2020-2022 Board Members
Dennis Buelk
Tom Grub

Pictures: – – click on any picture for a full enlargement and caption.

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1 Response to Swearing-in Club Officers

  1. Joan Best says:

    Congratulations!!! Well done!

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