February Fun Day – 2/15/2020

John Fortini, Mike Beall, Tom Carbonell And Dennis Buelk  set Up the courts for our Fun Day Challenge. Barb Fortini registered everyone and collected their entry fee. Jane Tager, Candy Kordeleski and Kathleen Kasben managed the food.  We had Fifty-Two players/thirteen teams, four in each team.  When we had all finished the games, we all came inside for hotdogs, chips, drinks and desserts.  Bob Bean won the  50/50 pot. Al started calling out the winners from first to the last. Congratulations to all the the participants..

FIRST PLACE: Tom Carbonell (Captain), Joe Kasben, Bob Worth and Charles Ellicott with a score of 1120SECOND PLACE:  Bob Tager (Captain), Arlene Jabaut, Kathleen Kasben and Bob Ebert with a score of 1100THIRD PLACE: Marilyn VanLare (Captain), Cathy Kennedy, Jan Sweet and Pat Llodra with a score of 1040.  FOURTH PLACE:  Mary Harlow(Captain) Jerry Jabaut, Sid Pomainville and Bob Bean with a score of 980.

HIGH SCORERS:  First Place:  Dennis Buelk with 400 points,  Second Place:  Rich Kordeleski with 380 points, and Third Place:   Bob Tager with 370 points.

1st: Charles, Joe and Tom (Bob Worth No Pic)

2nd: Bob E, Arlene, Kathleen and Bob T.

3rd: Jan, Marilyn and Pat (Cathy Kennedy, NO Pic)

Bob Bean won 50/50


























More pictures from Fun Day.

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