Please review 10 notices and Make Comments – Jan 19, 2020

The President of the ND Lorraine Layton, and STATE delegate Doris Hanke would like you feed back on how your club shufflers feels about the 10 notices, that are posted on the FSA web. These notices of posted changes will be voted on at the March 14th State meeting. Your input will help us to vote in favor of what our district would like to see happen.

Also, election of officers for the ND will again take place at the March 28th meeting. The nominated committee of board member, Rod Lewis will accept anyone interested in any position on the board. All positions are open. Recommendations of a slate will be presented to the membership at the Jan. 25th N.D. meeting.

Thanks and Take Care Lorraine

Appeals in Non-WalkingSingles
Deaths  (Please note that I have already sent them a notice updating our deaths for 2019.)
FSA Incident Report Directions
Masters Tie-Breaking
Microsoft Word – ByeBunching
Willingness to Serve FSA

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