Results of Singles Mingles – Jan 14, 2020

Today in January dawned so beautiful. The usual clean up crew arrived to get the courts prepared for the Singles Mingles Challenge. We had Ten (10) Pro-State Ams and Eight (8) District Amateurs come for the challenge. We played five games, recording the winning score from each match and choosing new partners and courts for the next match. When we had finished, Dennis tallied the scores while we cleaned up the courts. Congratulations to the winners. Pros/State Ams: First: Bonnie Radke, Second, Rex Galusha and Third, Bob Tager. District Ams: First Tom Carbonell, Second Jerry Jabaut and Third Arlene Jabaut.   Hope to see you all back here in two weeks for the next Singles Mingles.  Ciao!

Pro/State Ams, Rex, Bonnie and Bob

Dist. Ams, Jerry, Arlene and Tom

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