Results from ND. 18, Pro Draw in Tavares – 1/12/2020

I am still waiting for the results from the Amateur Draw, but I wanted to post the Results from the Northern District Pro Only Draw in Tavares on 1/9 and 1/10. Congratulations to all the winners and especially our declared CMS members:  Stan Williamson and Rex Galusha.

1st  Larry Whalen FSA# 3852 CLUB leesburg
1st  Len Johnson FSA# 5258 CLUB holiday RV
2nd  Stan Williamson FSA# 2094 CLUB C/M
2nd  Ken Kissling FSA# 5182 CLUB clerbrook
3rd  Frank Cherill FSA# 5864 CLUB leesburg
3rd  Carol Adams FSA# 4 CLUB hawthorne
4th  Patty Foster FSA# 2943 CLUB tavares
4th  Jeff Luneau FSA# 6086 CLUB tavares
1st  Dave Dean FSA# 5784 CLUB leesburg
1st  Allen Dronsfield FSA# 5238 CLUB leesburg
2nd  Rex Galusha FSA# 6069 CLUB C/M
2nd  Jeff Geesey FSA# 6842 CLUB hawthorne
3rd   Cheryl Cole FSA# 5207 CLUB hawthorne
3rd   Fred Neumann FSA# 4253 CLUB leesburg
4th   Lewis Kagan FSA# 3851 CLUB leesburg
4th    Tom Allen FSA# 5288 CLUB clermont

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