Singles Mingles Results – Dec 10, 2019

The usual clean up crew arrived early to clean the courts for the Singles Mingles Challenge. Dennis Buelk collected the entry fees and signed up the shufflers. We had Seven (7) Pro/State Ams and Nine (9) Amateurs teamed up to play five matches of twelve frames each. After each match we recorded the winning scores and drew new courts. When we had finished playing, Dennis tallied up the scores and presented the winnings. The results were…PROS: 1st place:  Bill Boyes, 2nd place:  Dennis Buelk and 3rd place:  Randy RadkeAMATEURS:  1st place:  Tom Carbonell, 2nd place:  Betty Buccini and 3rd place:  Debbie Evans.

Pros: Dennis, Bill and Randy


Amateurs: Tom.   Debbie and Betty did not stay for pictures.

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