ND 12 and ND 13 Tournaments at Coronado Mainland – Dec 5/6

Our Tournament was a success with the help of all our wonderful volunteers. Tom Carbonell came the day before to set up the tables before Johnnie Conners came out to decorate all the tables.  Tom also supplied us with his wonderful pulled pork sandwiches and soup.  Rich and Candy Kordeleski, Arlene and Jerry Jabaut, John and Barb Fortini, and Mary McConnell helped to get the kitchen and the courts ready. We were pleased to welcome Ten (10) Amateur Teams and Seventeen (17) Pro Teams for the challenge. Bonnie Radke was the Director and with the help of Rick Enright, we got  the tournament off to a smooth start. We also had some wonderful sponsors who supplied flyers and banners. Please visit our sponsors and let them know you are from the Coronado/Mainland Shuffleboard Club and would like to thank them for their support. Thanks to our volunteers who cleaned discs and swept courts during the tournament; Jack Koppelma, Barb Hales, Gerry Bousquet, Joan Sanford, the Kordeleskis and the Jabauts. Congratulations to all our Coronado Shufflers, visiting teams and finalists.

ND 12  Pro Only Doubles Results    17 teams

1st: Rod Lewis 6630 Mid Florida Lakes
1st: Paul Hodges 6847 Leesburg
2nd: Mary Ann Pabst 5008 Coronado/Mainland
2nd: Rick Enright 4886 Tavares
3rd: Dennis Buelk 3038 Coronado/Mainland
3rd: Tom Rimmer 3540 Coronado/Mainland
4th Randy Radke 6351 Coronado/Mainland
4th  Bill Boyes    4717    Coronado/Mainland
1st: George Snyder 5294 Clermont
1st: Ivan Layton 2776 Tavares
2nd: Bob Wolven 5458 Coronado/Mainland
2nd: Sid Pomainville 1536 Coronado/Mainland
3rd: Felix Piscitelli 4060 Coronado/Mainland
3rd: Charlie Jones 4556 Coronado/Mainland
4th: Christine Giumarra 4559 Deland
4th: John Giumarra 4523 Deland

ND 13 Amateur Only Doubles Results    10 Teams

1st:  Debbie Evans    6866    Coronado/Mainland
1st:   Cindy Wonson    6668    Coronado/Mainland
2nd:    Allen Best     5289     Coronado/Mainland
2nd:    Tom Carbonell    7273     Coronado/Mainland
3rd:     Zak Wonson     6639    Coronado/Mainland
3rd:    Joe Inga     6851     Deland
4th:     Tom Grubb     6654    Coronado/Mainland
4th:     Tim Pergrem     6353     Coronado/Mainland
1st:   Christine Inga     6850      Deland
1st:     Mark Engel      6751      Leesburg
2nd:     Barb Fortini     5009    Coronado/Mainland
2nd:    John Fortini     5014    Coronado/Mainland
3rd:     Steve Smith     6415     Hawthorne
3rd:     Scotty Scott     6361     Orange City
4th:    Marilyn Mills     6229     Hawthorne
4th:    Larry Mills     6162     Hawthorne

Thanks to all our Sponsors:     SpringHill Suites: Susan McLain, Realtor:  Debra Simms, Attorney:  Anders/Anders, Financial Group:  Sugar Mills Country Club:  Todd Perry, State Farm:  Volusia Eye Assoc.:  Bishops, Body and Wrecker Serv.:  John Delavan, Edward Jones, Financial Advisor:  G&W Roofing and the Coronado/Mainland Shuffleboard Club.

Amateurs: 1st, 2nd Main, Debbie, Cindy, Tom and Allen

Pros: 1st, 2nd Main: Paul, Rod, Mary Ann and Rick

More Pictures From This Event:


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