ND Mens/ Ladies Doubles Tournament in Leesburg – Nov 8, 2019

Leesburg did a nice job hosting the ND Mens Doubles/Ladies Doubles Tournament on Nov 7/8, 2019. The courts were in great condition and the weather started out very nice. Bonnie Goetzinger and Steve Smith were the Directors and Suter Air Condition was the sponsor. The 50/50 was won by Dwayne Toomey. As the day went on it got hotter and hotter and several people forfeited and went home. It was a very hard battle and we need to Congratulate Edna Triplett and Stan Williamson from CMS for their wins.  Thank you to Steve Smith for this report.

1st   Ron Carr     Hawthorne
1st   Walter Andrews     Hawthorne
2nd    Rod Lewsis     Mid Florida Lakes
2nd    Paul Hodges    Leesburg
3rd     Ivan Layton      Tavares
3rd     Gary Knox     Mid Florida Lakes
4th    Stan Williamson    Coronado/Mainland
4th    Walt Bartels    Deland

1st     Frank Cherill     Leesburg
1st     Robert Robinson     Hawthorne
2nd   Richie Burrell     Deland
2nd    John Giumarra    Deland
3rd     Dick Kolczynski     Clerbrook
3rd     George Snyder     Clermont
4th    Larry Mills       Hawthorne
4th     Bill Jones      Hawthorne

1st     Doris Hanke       Hawthorne
1st     Gail Howell     Leesburg
2nd    Carol Adams    Hawthorne
2nd    Cheryl Cole      Hawthorne
3rd     Patty Foster      Tavares
3rd    Nancy Andres     Hawthorne
4th    Edna Triplett     Coronado/Mainland
4th      Sharon Johnson    Holiday RV Park

1st     Gloria Boring     Holiday
1st     Suzanne DeRocchi     Hawthorne
2nd     Mary Jane Neumann     Leesburg
2nd    Lorraine Layton     Tavares
3rd     Beverly Knox     Mid Florida Lakes
3rd    Pat Moody     Mid Florida Lakes
4th    FORFEIT
4th    FORFEIT

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